The internecine squabbling in the GOP is now reaching soap opera proportions, as the not so subtle bomb that Marjorie Taylor Greene dropped Friday, with the announcement of her “Anglo Saxon political traditions caucus” comes under intense fire from all sides. Members of academia chimed in with the obvious, that the name has nothing to do with Anglos or Saxons, but is a racist dog whistle, cranked to air raid siren levels, for the word “white.” Maybe Greene should just change the name to the White Caucus and at least there would be candor and honesty present, don’t you think? Newsweek via Raw Story:

Grand View University associate professor of medieval history Thomas Lacaque did not mince words: “These American fascists have no relation to Anglos or Saxons, the terminology is clearly chosen on far right lines. They do remind me of Beowulf, though —violent, vain, boasting oafs who think killing is governance and will die doing dumb shit leaving the nation in ruins.”

“There is no such thing as ‘Anglo-Saxon’ political traditions’ unless Margorie [sic] Taylor Greene is talking about Old English charters and she isn’t,” wrote University of Toronto medieval scholar Mary Rambaran-Olm. “If she wants to return to those, she’ll have to stop advocating for gun use. ‘Anglo-Saxon’ is being weaponized by the far-right.” She added that the very term “Anglo-Saxon” is a “racist dog-whistle, inaccurate and generally sucks balls.”

And if the caucus didn’t suck balls to begin with, Louie Gohmert jumped right on board, and so it does now.

It’s going to take more than “party of Lincoln” pap from Kevin McCarthy to fix this one. Greene has nothing to lose. She’s already lost her committee assignments and she knows McCarthy won’t move to have her expelled — although somebody else might — so she’s not the least bit afraid of him. He’s toothless and they both know it.

Now here’s a very basic question, but one that nobody seems to ask: why are the taxpayers paying the salary of Greene, who has been stripped of her committee assignments, and why would they continue to pay the salary of anybody else who gets stripped of committees? Is this the new normal, we elect Reps to Congress who do nothing but get paid a six figure salary? Think about that. If the GOP wants to/needs to go into meltdown mode, then it should just expel the lawmakers in name only and get some real lawmakers into the chamber.


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  1. To put this in terms folks may appreciate, this whole thing is going Dark Shadows the soap opera to House of Dark Shadows the movie.

  2. Oh no, Dark Shadows (at least the soap opera) was SO much better than this crap! Hey! We could always make up a counter-caucus. You know, like after the Norman Conquest? Call it “1066”. Not that I expect these idiots to turn into seekers of knowledge at this stage of the game, but it could conceivably send some of them running to the history books. They did kind of mow the Anglo-Saxons down a bit.

    • Better by far, yes, Old. But I speak in terms of ugly. Dark Shadows the soap opera had its chilly moments but was fairly genteel. House of Dark Shadows was the Hammer Horror version of same: same characters, same challenges but no happily ever afters and lots of people paying the price.

  3. First of all, Margie TRAITOR Greene is the very definition of a Fascist Q-NUT! And anyone in this country that is not a Native American is either an immigrant or descended from immigrants! And anyone who does not like that this country has become a nation of people of many races who choose to coexist and cooperate with each other is free to leave anytime that they like!


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