Rudy needs cash and lots of it. He’s got major expenses and his old buddy, Donald Trump, simply won’t open his wallet and help the guy out. Adam Schiff is no stranger to either the ways of Trump or Giuliani and so he takes a few moments to give his interpretation of the finances of America’s Mayor and how he came to get himself in so much legal hot water. Giuliani has never known when to quit and now he’s painted himself into a hell of a corner and he’s going to lose every nickel he’s got and potentially go to prison as well. Someone with no fucks to give about this is Congressman Schiff.

The fall of Rudy Giuliani is amazing but it was never unforeseeable. The late New York Times columnist Jimmy Breslin said that Rudy was “always a man in search of a balcony.” He’s just like Trump in that sense. He didn’t get into public service for the right reasons, he got in to be the star of the show.

That, in and of itself, would not be such a bad thing had he just done his job. But when Giuliani decided to hook up with Trump and do the things he did, setting up the Ukraine call, Strikeforce Rudy defending the Big Lie, the disastrous display in the parking lot of a landscaping company, done because his staff was too stupid to understand he meant the Four Seasons Hotel, the list goes on ad infinitum.

Giuliani is corrupt as hell. Most recently he was sued by his own lawyer for unpaid legal fees and now he’s going to have more legal fees because Hunter Biden just sued him. And as Adam Schiff pointed out, yes, there was a fundraiser at Bedminster, but it did not bring in even $1.3 million. Considering the wealth of people in Trump’s circle and Trump’s own alleged wealth, that’s surprising. Trump has raised over $1 million in a day. But it was for his own lies and legal fees, not to protect Rudy’s and keep him in money to pay lawyers.

Careful what you wish for, is an old motto which will soon come true for Giuliani. He’s always craved the spotlight. He’s going to get it. He’s going to fall like a shooting star and everyone will see it. We’re watching the beginning of his end, right now.


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  1. It’s not a spotlight that’s going to shine on Rudy, but rather a magnifying glass. He’s a vampire ant on a sidewalk about to have some kid use a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s beam on his and fry him to a crisp!

  2. Time to squash this fascist. He hasn’t paid damages to the poll workers in Georgia. How is it daddys without jobs that can’t meet child support get hauled off to jail THE DAY THEY APPEAR IN COURT???? Yet this pissant owes MUCH more in damages and hasn’t paid. Alex Jones hasn’t paid either although he SPENT 93,000 IN ONE MONTH!!! Goddamnit America…I’ve news for all you assholes and distracted idiots: LIVE BY HYPOCRISY…DIE BY HYPOCRISY!!! Anyone phucking notice that the main theme of Jesus’s condemnation was about HYPOCRISY????? Time to come clean or face the music. ‘America…a land of used car salesmen who feel we have the right to shoot anyone who criticises us’. Hunter S Thompson GODDAMN Hunter you had us pegged. Prove me wrong…VOTE AND END THIS GODDAMN SUICIDE MISSION.


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