Who are you going to believe, me, or your lying eyes?

I’m sorry, but at this point I can only conclude that either the Democrats are bone stupid, or they just don’t want it that bad. For months now, the national media has been reporting, with great alarm, about the GOP’s open, overt attempt to take over local and county voting positions, in order to be able to overturn an unfavorable result in 2024. And yet today MSNBC reported that in a majority of local elections, the Democrats aren’t even bothering to challenge in those races!

The GOP’s scam is actually very simple. At the local level they want to gain control of the local vote counting apparatus so that they can gain favorable results at the local and state level. And at the state level, the GOP is trying to shift control of the actual vote process to friendly GOP state legislatures to determine the actual election outcomes. And therein lies a problem.

The states have the right to administer their own local elections. If the Democrats want to let the GOP steal and maintain statewide control of local and state offices, then shame on them. But it’s no skin off of Uncle Sam’s nose.

But when it comes to US House, US Senate, and Presidential votes, you’re talking about a whole new breed of cat. Now you’re talking about a federal election, covered by FEC rules. Which means that GOP friendly legislatures having a Trumper tantrum, and claiming specious claims of nebulous voter fraud just won’t work. Electoral votes are the property of the government.

And all you know about that is the record of the vaunted Trump legal defense team in the aftermath of the 2020 election. They went what?, 0-63? And the federal district courts went out of their way to write such long, detailed, blistering ruling so as to make them appeal proof. And it worked. There were almost no cases that went to the appellate court, and the couple of stragglers that got to SCOTUS were summarily rejected by the court.

Look, we really need to get the voters rights act passed through the Senate, as well as the John Lewis Act. But when push comes to shove, the federal government administers federal elections, and state GOP shenanigans be damned. And the federal courts, including SCOTUS, have already shown that they likes dem some democracy. Keep punching, and keep the faith.

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  1. This isn’t true. The GOP state legislatures are going to appoint their own electors in 2024 based on the same nonsense they have been spouting. Conservative Supreme Court will maybe nix one state to make it look good but will let the other states do what they please. And that’s the end of democracy.

  2. Well I don’t understand. The democrats got a gift. The dumbass republicans tried to overthrow our government. That and all the lies about voting and gerrymandering districts and all the rest of the nonsense and these idiots refusing to show up. Hell Mark Meadows and his cellphone would be good for several commercials all by themselves. And democrats are sitting on their hands here. WTF.


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