I must say that I did not see this one coming. But then I didn’t see Mike Johnson suddenly turning into a statesman, so either I’m losing my touch or we have seen the MAGA wave crest and break and now it’s back on its way to sea to dissipate further. I don’t anticipate ever seeing it come back to shore with much force if this is what is happening now.

And where Marge Greene is concerned? If Rupert Murdoch is going to turn on her with this level of fury, she has made a powerful enemy. I’m reeling from that, I’ll say that much. This is one more solid indication that the Murdochs are moving into a post-Trump world. This is the equivalent of a lighthouse on the beach. It’s a big sign.

Now what remains to be seen is how crazy Marge is going to get. My prediction: I think that out of anybody we have ever seen in government and I mean Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, James Comer, Tom Massie, the true krazies with a capital “K” Marge has them all beat. She is certifiable. She is an emotionally unhinged woman who is as stupid as she is passionate. My prediction is that she will only get worse. If she ends up in five point restraint and Thorazine, it would not surprise me, and it certainly would not cause anybody on Capitol Hill to bat an eyelash. Marge is out there. Here’s her reaction to the vote on Ukraine.

Marge is having a rude awakening right now. She’s finally coming to grasp the fact that she is in a minority. Maybe she’ll come to grasp the fact of how ridiculous she sounds and then possibly beyond that, grasp how crazy she comes across as, to the average person. But I don’t hold out high hope for that.

Don’t go near any windows in high buildings, Marge. Vlad’s useful idiots have a way of falling out of them once they’re no longer useful.

If you missed this, this is Jared Moskowitz letting Marge and the chaos caucus have it.

Lauren Boebert’s star has fallen and I think that Marge’s may go nova. Oh, she may survive in her congressional seat. She may be there physically. But if and when she becomes ignored as the crackpot she is, then she’ll be done. She’ll be like the crazy aunt at a holiday dinner, people let her rant, but nobody listens. They’ve heard it all before and they don’t care.

Plus, it’s beginning to sink in on some level. Marge is dodging now about calling the question on whether Johnson should be removed. Her dodge is that she’s going to let “colleagues talk to their constituents.” No, she doesn’t have the votes and she knows she doesn’t.

As we’ve quoted Lincoln here before, “Public sentiment is everything. With it, nothing can fail. Against it, nothing can succeed.” Marge doesn’t have public sentiment on her side, she’s got a few lunatics like herself and they are going against the grain of public sentiment.

Mike Johnson did the right thing. Russia, Iran and China are an axis of evil. That’s precisely what they are. Marge can scream all day for the “evidence” that Putin plans to take over Europe and she just sounds like the lunatic she is.


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  1. It’s too bad a would be GOP primary challenger (for the May 21 congressional primaries) didn’t make it on to the ballot. I think had someone halfway decent done so he/she would now have a shot at taking her out.

  2. Once the Republicans lose the House this November it will pretty much be the last time we have to suffer through the Kongress Karen’s bullsh!t……she will be stripped of all Committee assignments, censured, and banished from the floor.

    She has made some powerful enemies with her big fn mouth on both sides of the aisle.

    She has danced her dance and shown her ass…..the time to pay the band is quickly approaching.

  3. Not sure what is going on in her district with the potential democrat opponents but I hope one emerges from the primary to send her back where she came from. I doubt a true progressive has a chance at this seat but perhaps someone not as loony tunes as moscow kooky pants will win. Stranger things have happened.

  4. I’m as sick of seeing her ugly mug and hearing her screech as I am sick of the orange fart master. If the MSM would stop giving her the microphone, like they did with her wet dream idol, she’d have far less power and we could all get a break from her trash mouth.

    On the other hand, I suppose it does allow more people to see/hear just how f-ing sick and crazy this poor excuse for a human actually is. Still, I’d take reading about her BS over have to see and hear it any day.

  5. Marjorie Trailer Queen is your typical low IQ dweeb who believes everything that comes across her Facebook feed. She is making her constituents in Georgia look like idiots as well.
    Though I doubt she is going to get voted out. These hillbillies will vote for a pile of dog crap if it has an (R) next to it.

  6. I’ve seen it suggested that Johnson has the potential to grow into the next Mitch McConnell. That’s plausible, and it terrifies me. I would workwith him, particularly to get aid for Ukreaine – but I would recommend watching him very, very closely.


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