Was it all so simple then, or has time rewritten every line?   Barbara Streisand   The Way We Were

It all used to be so simple. From its inception, with the almost Machiavellian influence of Roger Ailes, the FUX News network was created as a conservative foil against the allegedly Left wing mainstream media. It didn’t matter that the media wasn’t really biased, but just honestly reporting on the GOP for what they were, corrupt shits, Bias it was.

The GOP and the RNC landed on that gravy train with both feet. FUX News became the favorite GOP sounding board for every far right, insane idea that the GOP came up with. Mental midgets like Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove became frequent and honored guests, as did every far right candidate looking to pitch some snake oil. The GOP loved it because it gave them an unfettered platform to espouse insane shit from, and FUX loved it because their ratings soared.

It reached its apex in 2016, when Traitor Tot rose to the top of the GOP field. Trump raveled in the fact that he had a nationwide platform to introduce himself to, and indoctrinate a large swath of the GOP base. And at FUX News headquarters, a paradigm shift took place. FUX News executives, led by Roger Ailes, realized that it was in their power to elect a GOP President. If FUX pulled back on its slavish coverage of Trump, or worse yet, trashed him, his candidacy would wither and die.

Trump won, and the power shift was complete. But not just in the executive boardroom of FUX. Oh no,no,no.  It was the prime time lineup of FUX celebrities like Fucker carlson, Spawn Hannity, and Cruella de Ingraham who’s devoted audiences followed their friendly coverage and ensured Trump’s victory. And now these soulless sewer rats wanted their due. They wanted to set the agenda.

FUX executives were interested in nothing more than their ratings, and there they were sympatico with their prime time lineup. They also were interested in nothing more than their ratings, and more importantly, they had their fingers on the pulse of their viewers. And these hosts basically hijacked the operation, and dictatorially started deciding the content of their broadcasts, in order to cater to their viewers tastes. The inmates were literally running the asylum.

And it hasn’t stopped. Apparently, FUX News executives have little or no control over who their hosts book for their shows. Which means that far right loonies like Madison Cawthorn, Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, Sugar Daddy Mat Gaetz, and Laborious MTG are frequent and honored guests. And they had damn well better toe the show’s content line if they want to be invited back.

Which means one simple thing. The GOP, and especially the RNC, has completely lost control of its messaging. There are those in the GOP that would love to start to gently separate themselves from Trump’s fraudulent claims that the 2020 election was stolen. But they don’t dare, because the FUX News hosts are the ones who control their guest list, and Trump’s Big Lie still sells to their stupid base. My friends, the tail is truly wagging the dog.

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  1. Watch John Oliver on data mining. These guests are not fringe to data miners, otherwise they would not be on, instead they are pulled from the data of millions of people’s online searches. data is wagging the dog, not fox.

  2. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may be the event that causes an irreparable split among FoxNews propagandists. They can only go so far in blaming Biden and Democrats. The pro-Putin faction can’t maintain that stance much longer.


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