Whelp, things get loonier and loonier within the strange and baffling world of Republican Congress critters.

Yesterday a United States Senator from Oklahoma challenged a witness before his committee to a fistfight, while over in the House of Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene proved yet again she doesn’t know how a bill becomes law and Republican serial liar George Santos was spotted feeding a baby of unknown origin on the House floor.

And just this morning a Republican Rep., Clay Higgins – never one to take the backseat on the bus to the looney bin – had a chance to pose serious questions about border security to FBI director Christopher Wray, instead asked him if he had ever heard of the existence of “ghostbusses”… to which the Director rationally replied “no”.

Higgins then entered a photo of two white busses parked at the Greyhound in Washington D.C. as evidence of their being a real thing, and stated that the busses were painted white to reduce
their visibility (?) and then used to transport undercover FBI agents and other agent provocateurs to the Capitol to trick peaceful(?) MAGA supporters into staging a riot.

You couldn’t make this stuff up folks:

Would that it were, Candee…





No worries they can always make more.


I just hope that if the ghost bus ever comes to my burg we will have Bill Murray around to protect us.

Because we know Higgins will be riding it and seated at the very front.

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  1. I thought the repubs had reached the pinnacle of craziness yesterday. At least nobody is threatening to kick someone’s *ss or elbowing anyone in the kidney. So far. The day is young.

  2. Let me try to understand this – painting buses white reduces their visibility when compared to other buses covered with the company logo? I’d have thought that it would be the other way round.

    Maybe it does work – in the far north of Alaska when the place is covered in snow and the polar bears can’t see them


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