This is the shape of things to come, in the wake of the collapse of the Republican party during the Trump years — although Trump is not entirely to blame. If the party wasn’t a rotted husk in 2016, he never would have gotten on the ticket to begin with. There is no leadership, no guiding principles left in the GOP, only a “tyrannical clique” vying for control of the party. Their response to anything will be propaganda and conspiracy theory. That’s all they’ve got and here’s the latest: in response to Nancy Pelosi’s request for a 9/11-type commission to study the Capitol Riot, Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes say there’s no need for that, because they’ve already figured it out and guess what? It’s Pelosi’s fault.

Talk about adding insult to injury, there is the textbook definition right there. Trump supporters were talking about “putting a bullet in her brain” but oh yeah, Pelosi did it. And listen to Mark Meadows, here. Everything was just fine and Trump is not to blame, Pelosi is. It’s unbelievable, but Fox News is airing it, Parler is back online and this is what the new counter-reality narrative is, folks. You’re going to be hearing a lot of it, because this is the only way the Republicans can survive, is smoke and mirrors and a a funhouse of disinformation.

This is what happens when there’s a two party political system and one party collapses. You’re seeing it in real time. As I’ve said before, fascism didn’t come to America wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. It slithered in one night when the GOP was falling apart, and the remnants of the party chose it over democracy.

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  1. Now whatever gave me the idea that
    The Trompador was president
    Mike Pence was Vice-President
    Moscow Mitch was majority leader in the Senate
    The GQP was the majority party in the Senate
    That the National Guard can only really move on to federal ground with the permission and, at the request, of the president

    But it all just HAS to be Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats at fault

  2. I believe that this is what Lincoln’s Secretary of State Seward would have described as “the last shriek on the retreat.” And really, it’s kind of sad that they can do no better as Pelosi has been accused of far, far worse.

  3. “Gym” Jordan says it’s all Speaker Pelosi’s fault. This from a guy who wasn’t that far removed from being a world class athlete (one of the top few wrestlers in his weigh class – a lock for an Olympic medal if he’d have gone for it) who repeatedly looked the other way while young men, wrestler’s under his charge were sexually abused by a team doctor. You don’t think Jordan COULD have, without laying a finger on that doctor put him in fear for his life and caused him to leave that program. Even then, Jordan SHOULD have reported the abuse to the head coach and AD AND the police if as it now is known some of the wrestlers wanted. But NO. He made brash comments about what he’d do to the guy if that doc ever made a move on HIM and that was that.

    I really hate this guy. I’m an old fart and he’s in far better physical condition than I am and could knock me on my ass with one punch but it would be worth it to tell him what I think of him (in fully on jarhead grunt language) to his face!

  4. Who was running the Senate that day? That person had the same level of authority as Pelosi…and still has done nothing about the insurrectionists, including those in his own chamber.

    The GQP is stuck with one tactic: DARVO.

      • DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender roles) describes how perpetrators of interpersonal violence deflect blame and responsibility when confronted for their abusive behavior (Freyd, 1997).

        I experienced this from my narcissistic mother. Example: she moved to the same retirement area as her brother, who molested me. She knew my situation, but they still put a down payment on the house and moved. When I challenged her as to how they could have done that once my father passed, I got “We only thought it was touchy feely.” “You never gave us the details. And…..”why didn’t you tell us NO.” It was my fault they moved there – get it? DARVO.

        So, blame what they helped instigate on Pelosi. I makes sense in the narcissistic venue, which these two asshats live in.

  5. The incels of the House came together to whine about the disrespect we have for them. Nothing is EVER a guy’s fault. Why didn’t their mothers make (allow) them to grow up?
    Please California, Ohio, run Reps who are mature enough to make decisions and write law.
    I am very much in favor of a commission to get to the bottom of “who paid for this?”

  6. If they’re so sure it’s Pelosi’s fault, then they should welcome a full investigation to prove their case.
    Jim (Jacket-off) Jordan and Devin Numbnuts are flailing here. Pelosi should call their bluff.


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