Now here’s a story to tell the grand cubs. Once upon a time in suburbia somebody put up a Christmas display. Smokey had had one Coors too many and he decided that that yuuuge reindeer was going to make a simply fine dinner for the entire sleuth — that’s what a group of bears is called. Unless you’re talking about polar bears and a group of us is called a celebration, because of course it is. :))

So Smokey went and bit it in the neck and then he bit it in the haunches, but you know what? It still didn’t die. And what’s up with those rubbery antlers?

Then Paddington came to help him. Or was it Pooh? Well, it certainly wasn’t Trumpy. He’s been disowned by all ursine kind. Here, you take a look.


Tune in tomorrow when you see Dasher, Prancer, Dancer, Nixon, I mean Vixen, Cupid Donner and Blitzen show up to take on Rupert, Aloysius and Gentle Ben. And Gummi. Where the hell is Gummi? Do I have to take care of everything?

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  1. Oh deer – there’s trouble a-bruin

    Oh and for the Brits – Rupert and Paddington (not overlooking Biffo for the older deers who have to bear the lapse)

  2. Kinda a motif for the GOP…they get pulled away from a real meal & try2 feast on a big rubbery FAKE deer. And they can’t even bring that down. SAD. BAD. MAD.


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