This is not a good sign. Virginia is one state where a Republican was able to defeat a Democrat, in a state which had been growing progressively blue. Glenn Younkin was able to be elected governor, it was said, because he had avoided identifying with Trumpian extremism. Some people thought that Youngkin would herald a return to some kind of sane Republican governance. Yet now, a few days before his attorney general takes his oath of office, we find him firing lots of people and appearing on Fox News to spout right-wingnut talking points. Not a good sign a tall a tall.

Here’s what the president pro tem of the Virginia State Senate, a Democrat, has to say.

Again, for anybody who thinks Trump is gone, he may be out of office and in a bad way with all the litigation and potential criminal exposure he’s got, but Trump the “ism” is still very much a part of the national discourse.

Poor Virginia. And they were doing so well. 68% of the population had been vaccinated. Who knows what will happen now?

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  1. Once Hitler was appointed to an office of power the nazis couldn’t win by democratic vote, it was the end of democratic Germany. Fascist do the same playbook knowing the masses are easily lied to.

      • U wouldn’t be able to adequately define communism, socialism, a democratic Republic & so on. By the way check out the early church in Acts. God fearing? Or an atheist? Check it out. They were total communists. It’s in black & white. See ya bozo.

  2. Standard Republicanism since Nixon, Youngkin and his crew is. Look for him to eventually hook up with Liz Cheney if he can manage to do more than ruin the state and piss off the MAGA maggots too much.

  3. Talk about over-reach. This guy won by less than 1%, about 25,000 votes statewide. Thank FSM the dems still hold the senate and are able somewhat to control this asshat and his gov. Hopefully in 2023, the dems will retake the house of delegates, retain the senate and hold these rethugs in check.
    P.S. – While loathe to comment on someone’s appearance (not being the most photogenic myself), doesn’t he look like Vlad’s illegimate son, especially the eyes.


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