The right and honorable Representative Katherine Clark of the 5th District of Massachusetts turned her speech nominating Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York for House Speaker into a real stem wonder yesterday, indicting obdurant Republicans for opposing Democratic reforms on healthcare and prescription drug pricing, equal pay for women, LBTGQ and reproductive health care rights and many other issues as Democrats cheered behind her.

It was quite a speech.

Raw Story

“Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) took the floor to nominate Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) for the eighth time on the House floor to be the Speaker. This time, however, the Democrat nominating him took the opportunity to rebuke the Republican Party.

“The historic dysfunction that we are seeing, in the intra-party fight, that the American people have been drawn into, is imperiling our national security, it will imperil the ability of this government to deliver basic services,” Clark warned. “It is imperiling our jobs and our responsibility to serve our constituents.”…

…”When small businesses needed to reopen, and the American people wanted vaccines, they said no,” Clark began with a list of things Republicans opposed. “When we capped insulin costs for seniors, at $35 a month, they said no. When we lowered health care costs and premiums for working families, they said no. When we defended the civil rights of LGBTQ+ Americans, they said no. When we protected lives from senseless gun violence, especially in the wake of the horrors of Buffalo and Uvalde, they said no. When we stood up for women and reproductive freedom, they said no. When we brought manufacturing back to America, they said no. When we answered the urgent call to protect our planet and invest in clean energy, and create tens of millions of good-paying jobs, they said no.”

She went on to cite equal pay, child care, paid family leave, the fundamental right to vote for every American, and supporting veteran access to healthcare were all “no” votes from Republicans.”

You go, Katherine!

Here is her speech on YouTube:

And on Twitter (with commentary):

👍👍👍 And thank you for speaking out, Heather.

I’m from Missouri and have Rep. Envy.


🙌 🙌 🙌






Thank you, Rep. Clark for that brilliant and impassioned speech.

Republicans have no similar list of accomplishments to tout… any speech about what they have done for the American people would be short indeed.

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  1. No accomplishments? Oh come now, they’ve turned the clock back on women’s health at least 50 years. That’s not nothing you know and given this is the 21st century it is quite the accomplishment-they’ve put us on the same plane as, say, Afghanistan.

    • Well, spike, most people think of “accomplishments” as *positives* not the *negatives* that the GOP has “proudly” achieved.

  2. I missed it happening live and will always regret that. But I heard and read about it and was heartened. Watching the distortions and outright LIES of Republicans in their nomination speeches (regardless of the candidate some GOP asshat was nominating) I kept wishing that at some point, instead of a short speech (properly) praising Jeffries our side would punch back.

    The Gentlelady from Massachusetts gave Republicans a well-deserved old=fashioned whipping. If you’re old enough and followed boxing, it was like when George Foreman won the heavyweight title from Frazier. Foreman hit Frazier more than once with uppercuts that literally lifted Frazier’s feet up in the air from the canvass!

    By the way, I had to wait a few minutes to write this. I was so proud, and so stirred by watching her disembowel the GOP (and what she said applies to GOP Senators on the other side of Capitol Hill) it brought tears to my eyes. As this GOP KKKlown KKKar show continues I hope we see more of this!

    • I have been listening to this clip for the first time myself … the tears WERE HERE AS WELL … for somebody in this exposed position with the whole House looking on, saying exactly what has been, but should NOT be the GOP priority of NO to everything, a position not as obvious to most citizens … they hear of so-so’s push for good things in the Democratic Party on their local news, they are NOT usually there to see the vote counts-roll counting screens shown on public TV …

      This, is the way the GOP can get away with their crap … Good ideas soon bite the dust in detailed count lists like those shown in House sessions … Sometimes, when the Congress has live coverage of committee meetings the public see’s cocks-of-the-walk, like Gym Jordon dancing on the head of a witness with BS comments and what-ifs questions way beyond the truth coming from a witness … These loud-mouth waste of time attacks are not only annoying, they hamper the smooth delivery of justice and/or accountability …

      Rusty Matt Gates is another super stupid Republican, who insists on displaying his limited grip on reality and real facts … along with Jordon, these two are overdue for a big Marine dressed in his finery and chest covered in medals to step into one of these shit-show meetings, with a quick apology to the Chair person he says, “Excuse me, I’m here to deliver a public safety message to these two Republican losers messing with the witnesses, trying to bear witness as sworn to truth … for Mr. Gaetz and Mr. Jordon, just sit down and shut the
      F**k up!!” …

      Jordon must have got a $5 special on his blue shirts and dirty golden ties, when he bought a whole skid load of rejects from the salvation army, he’s so proud of them, he never wears the $2 sportscoats he got at the same place …

      Flimsy stories of reasons to reject a witness and their testimony, who would not be intimidated with a blue shirted bear dancing around the meeting room with a handful of paper, supposedly printed with calls against the witnesses integrity …

  3. The only good thing I can see coming from these ass clowns having control of the house for the next two years is the Blue Wave it’s likely to generate in 2024. The great Ron White once said, and I quote, “You can’t fix stupid!” As exhibit A in evidence for this claim of stupidity I present, The Republican controlled House of Representatives! Dems should be careful around some of these people because I’m not too sure some of them don’t have rabies!


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