John McCain didn’t know how correct he was when in the spring of 2017 he said to the Senate, “The senator from Kentucky is working for Vladimir Putin,” causing Rand Paul to drop his mic and exit the chamber. That day the topic was allowing Montenegro into NATO. Today the topic is considerably more existential. Paul is hell bent on gaslighting his constituents and anybody else who will listen that COVID-19 is no big deal and this is happening concurrently with Mitch McConnell taking out ads encouraging people to get vaccinated.

In those ads McConnell cites his own bout with polio as a child and talks about how it took decades to develop a vaccine against the crippling disease. By contrast, McConnell says, “take advantage of this miracle,” of COVID vaccines readily available and free. Maybe McConnell better take his junior senator and fellow Republican aside and speak with him, because here’s the lunacy he’s spewing.

“Do I sound fed up to you?” No, you sound insane. This is incredible that Paul is going to these lengths.

I’m sure “why” is what you’re mind is screaming now, as you recover from watching this. My best guess is that it’s part of the Government As Bogeyman talking point that Reagan started back in the day. The party of law and order is telling you not to listen to your elected government, which of course raises the question, “then what good is a democratically elected representative government?” I don’t have the answer, ask a Republican. This is flat out anti-American, anti-science, dangerous as hell bat guano thinking.

Paul’s coming up for election in 2022. Let’s start working now on getting his Democratic opponent Charles Booker elected. Rand Paul is a menace to society.


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  1. I want to know–definitively–if/when he was vaccinated. I know he had a bout with COVID, but did he get vaccinated before/during/afterward? If he’s going to say such things, everyone has the right to the truth of that matter.

    His language weasels about that point.

  2. I am beyond fed up with this kind of BS. I am also fed up with the other congress critters who won’t or don’t anything about them.

  3. We can’t fix stupid, but Covid CAN! Since almost all of the hospitalizations and deaths from Covid are now the un-vaccinated, we don’t have to arrest them all, just wait a while. Unfortunately, they will be taking a lot of innocent kids along with them!

    • We can’t just wait awhile, that’s how this delta variant got started to begin with! Unvaccinated idiots are a breeding ground for new strands of the virus! This is down right dangerous to the people in KY, & I’m one of them. This man is as ridiculous as he looks. Being vaccinated isn’t even enough to keep us safe anymore with this Delta Variant going around & morons like him are in places of power & have a platform to reach people spread more misinformation

  4. The idea we wait them out ignores the fact that every unvaccinated person is a walking petri dish giving the virus a chance to come up with a version that NO vaccine works against.

    • No, we can’t afford to wait them out, so what is the solution? We can’t arrest them for not being vaccinated, that is not (yet) against the law. Maybe a small number of the un-vaccinated can be convinced by well reasoned discussion. But how many will listen? Short of making it illegal to be un-vaccinated (unless you can be medically exempted) what can we do about those who are dead set against getting vaccinated?

    • If the so called self appointed ‘patriots’ are any indication, they will bluster, fight only if they have the numbers, & whine they are puppets of tater tot when caught. How many of the 500 insurrectionists have told the feds “yeah I came for blood you aholes. Throw the book at me.” No Ghandi moment for them. They take no responsibility to protect anyone. They stand for nothing. They just want to be on a phucking team, even if the bus is headed to Hell.

  5. don’t take the vax randy. PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT. If there is a merciful deity it will rescue us from your rampant stupidity.

    I do not know what medical school gave him a degree sufficient for him to get an eye doctor license but they should recall his degree ASAP-this crap has got to be bad for business. I sure as sh*t would not want a degree from any college that “educated” this dumb f*ck.

    • his father ron was a ‘doctor’ as well. surprising how many ‘doctors’ are in the crazy business. just because they have degrees does not mean they are immune for all sorts of conspiracy theories.

    • He couldn’t even get board certification as an ophthalmologist so he and his wife created their own society and he got certified that way. It’s easy to gain membership in your own club.

    • Spike: That school doesn’t have the cojones to out Paul. They’re afraid he could someday still be pres, you never know with those whacky righties? If enough of them survive? No telling who they might vote for?

  6. They don’t have t arrest you Woodstock. Just wait for you all to die off.
    Though I’m betting the guy with the bird’s nest on his head has already gotten jabbed.


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