I never state anything as fact unless it can be substantiated by a credible source. So this is pure speculation, based upon this clip that was screened on Twitter and the reactions to it. The clip is well worth the time to watch it, because it is sheer gaslighting by Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko. To hear him tell it, Ukraine attacked Belarus.

That’s fascinating in and of itself but wait a few seconds in where there’s a two shot of Lukashenko and Putin and Putin’s foot moves at a decidedly strange angle.

Shades of Paul Gosar.

They didn’t want to go to war, they were forced to. Mommy, I didn’t want to hit Timmy on the playground, he made me do it.

The clip is intriguing for two reasons.

Both of these issues are interesting. One, if this is the new version of how Belarus and Russia got into war with Ukraine, that will be memorable. This is the memory holing of facts in real time. This you don’t see much of outside of a MAGA congregation talking about the Big Lie, this level of pure fabrication of an alternate reality. I was waiting and wondering if Lukashenko would bring up weapons of mass destruction, but no, he didn’t go there. At least not yet.

Secondly, what is up with Vladimir Putin? The weird posture, slumped at an angled position in the chair and then the strange foot lift?

That’s about the size of it.

Now this could explain a lot. If Vladimir Putin is in fact ailing, and let’s go ahead and just speculate that Parkinson’s disease is what he has, then that could be one of the reasons he’s eager to move on Ukraine. He knows that he’s not going to be in power forever and so while he is still functioning he wants to play Peter the Great and restore Imperial Russia.

As to Lukashenko, he’s being a good lap dog and performing for his master. I’m sure we can expect many more of these performances to come.


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  1. A true narcissist will never accept diminished anything. They are everything. Everything is them. If they go down, then everything must go down with them. The rest of us know old age, if ur fortunate, & death awaits ALL of us. I repeat, ALL OF US. Reality will never truly exist to a narcissist. They are the only reality they allow. That’s why they are so destructive. On a smaller scale, we see parents facing divorce & the breakup of a relationship kill their own children. Those kids were never real individuals. They were only extensions of someone’s ego. Everything is mine & I’m free to do whatever, especially if I’m everything. As in everything, there are extremes & Trump &his buddy are the Jordan & LeBron of narcissism. Off the chart in their respective personality disorders. We will be fortunate indeed to see tomorrow giving ultimate power to sick people like these. That’s not hyperbole.

    • Totally agree. Many people don’t understand how dangerous narcissism is. Some have never heard of it. That’s why it’s so dangerous to have narcissists in powerful government positions. Narcissists don’t follow rules, they break them when it is beneficial to them and only them. Narcissists aren’t capable of feeling. For them it’s all about contracts, and how they can benefit from these contracts. Take trump & his wife’s classic contractural marriage. He gets a beautiful woman as his arm candy, she gets to go shopping & spend whenever she wants. Narcissists do nothing that doesn’t benefit them in some way. Trump withheld aid to Ukraine unless they got dirt on Biden. Trump took American troops out of Germany to please Putin, and almost took the USA out of NATO for Putin…in turn Putin attacked Ukraine with Biden as president to make him look bad, to make people blame him for the war, gas prices and inflation. Those 2 are working together.

  2. On another website, I saw a video where Putin walked towards another man and embraced him. In that clip, his right leg seemed unnaturally stiff when he walked. The guess is either Parkinsons or a stroke.

  3. As someone whose spouse has Parkinson’s I can tell you that Putin has a lot of the signs.

    1. Parkinson’s often makes a patient lean to one side, with one shoulder higher than the other. He could slso be leaning to brace himself against tremor.
    2. If you look closely in this video, you’ll see the fee hand do one “pill roll” before the camera snaps away from him. The other hand is bracd to prevent the tremor being apparent. I’ve seen other videos that show repetitive pill rolling in his hands.
    3. The motion in his foot looks like the tardive dyskenesia that can be caused by Parkinson’s medications. I’ve seen it happening in both his feet in another video. It’s not just fidgeting.


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