This is who this clown is. Probably his MAGA fans will never see this footage, but this is their hero, pounding the podium, being cued by Ivanka, blowing up. Behold, Donald Trump.

It’s preceded by Matt Pottinger, whom I really cannot stand. I didn’t like him when he first opened his mouth and praised Trump’s “foreign policy successes” but then he went on about how 2020 was a “close” election?

Seven million votes is close?

What a joke.

I think that might be the New York accent thing, “yesttiday” no r’s.

A bad actor, in all senses of the word.






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  1. I agree with you Ursula. The moment that Matt Pottinger opened his mouth, I thought the very same thing. What was his purpose there at this hearing, the make brownie points with Trump or tell what he knew about the insurrection? At one point, I had to mute him, he was so annoying! :/

    • Yeah, he was a hair-splitting asskisser, no doubt. At this point, he’s all but advertising his availability to Liz Cheney’s eventual takeover of the GOP.

    • I couldn’t find the clip where he said the election was “close” and started talking about Al Gore. What a fricking joke that was, comparing Al Gore to Donald Trump. OMG.

      • Yeah, because Gore–unlike Trump–acknowledged he didn’t win the election. He did participate in a court case challenging the results of Florida’s votes (not the electoral votes, mind you, but the actual vote of the people; the impending electoral vote deadline was a major reason the Supreme Court wouldn’t allow a full recount to be done). And ONLY the result of Florida’s votes. And even that was due to a poorly designed ballot (the infamous “hanging chads” and a “butterfly design”) which led many voters to be confused–ending up voting for one candidate when they thought they’d voted for someone else. (I won’t mention the partisan shenanigans on the part of Republican operatives who were actually accused of directing voters to other precincts, claiming the voter was at the wrong polling place, causing a lot of traffic to be tied up around the polling places.)
        But after SCOTUS made its horrifically partisan choice, awarding the vote count to go to Bush, Gore DID concede the election (and caused many Democrats to criticize him for not fighting harder).
        Trump, on the other hand, tried to get half a dozen states election officials to change the results WITH NO REAL CAUSE and then Trump’s associates pressed states to provide an ILLEGAL “alternate slate” of electors (and trying to get those states to forge documents to certify Trump as the winner). And, in the past 18 months, Trump has YET to formally (or even informally) concede the election.

  2. And the joke is on him…in multiple ways. See, by highlighting this footage, his criminal culpability is not only being exposed but his weakness. Yes, the diehard cultists will never leave him, blah, blah, woof, woof. But they’ve never been enough. The weaker elements that followed him are going to keep falling away like leaves.

  3. Pottinger certainly had some annoying things to say as have other witnesses talking crap about the “good” Trump did. However, there were times when he laid into Trump. And speaking of elections he cited 1960 when yes, there sure as hell were irregularities in my home state of Illinois, specifically in Chicago and Daly Sr. and his then vaunted machine were capable of (and sometimes pulled) some serious shit. Yet in the end Nixon decided to concede and that was that. It was one of Nixon’s too few good moments. Pottinger also cited 2000 and Al Gore and that whole mess was even closer. His comments about Gore’s disappointment with that unique “don’t anyone use anything in this as precedent” (it pretty much said that, albeit in legalese) SCOTUS decision was he (Pottinger) conceded difficult, yet he lauded Gore for conceding and making clear that he’d support the incoming President.

    I also found his remarks when asked to speak to the Oath of Office he took both as a Marine and later as a civilian rather striking. He left no doubt (in my mind at least) that he believes Trump betrayed his own Oath, that he (Trump) dishonored it. If he wasn’t catching the kind of shit the other witness was before that tomorrow will be a whole different story!

    As for those outtakes of Trump’s Rose Garden speech, but especially the remarks the next day my jaw damn near hit the floor. Especially on the 7th and there was a lot more than the part you cited where he was pissed about what they wanted him to say and ordering changes to whatever was coming up on his teleprompter. That should get aired ad nauseam (deliberate choice of term because it IS nauseating as well as infuriating) tomorrow and in the days to come. I predict this won’t be the last time we see that segment in the hearings. Or at least referred to.

  4. “Yesterday…all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay. Oh I believe in yesterday.’ Paul McCartney


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