Too bad the Roman Empire didn’t have television. If they did, we could compare he degeneracy of what showed up on their airwaves before they crashed and burned with what we see on ours, just to make sure that this is how nuts a culture gets before it succeeds in destroying itself.

This is Jarrin Jackson, a Republican running for the Oklahoma State Senate.

Jackson has previously advertised that a vote for him would “unleash” him and that’s what he’s asking for, so that he can shoot “godless commies.”

This is what Giuliani, Powell and Lindell hath wrought.

Oh, excuse me. That’s THE Dominion. I can’t keep these fantasies straight, there are so many.

Just what we need, another conspiracy theorist, gun freak, home schooling advocate in public office.

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  1. I do wish someone would tell me exactly where God gave the right to anyone to have guns. It doesn’t even mention God or guns in the Second Amendment – it says the right to ‘bear arms’ (which covers swords, pikes, battle-axes, etc as well) but God doesn’t get a mention anywhere in it

    • They tend to confuse the opening of the Declaration with the Constitution, which only mentions religion in saying that government can’t make laws about it and that there’s no religious test for federal office.

    • These folks know as much about ‘god’ as they do about the dark side of the moon. “There is no dark side of the moon, it’s all dark”. Pink Floyd

  2. So somehow this guy thinks that getting elected to the Oklahoma State Senate gives one permission to shoot anyone that they consider a “godless communist”? One of God’s 10 commandments is “Thou shall not kill”. There is no exception for godless communists!

  3. Many years ago kruschev said the Russians wouldn’t have to fire a shot. We would be destroyed from within. Damn him for being right.

  4. Dear Jarrin Jackson AKA the dumbest fuck I have heard about lately. I am one of those “Godless Commies” you are fond of dissing. I co-founded 2 Christian churches while a Commie so we are not all godless. Though because of stupid assholes like you, I have given up on Christianity. Oh, and I wanted to mention that I am probably better armed than you and probably a better shot. You will never get close enough to shoot me in the face. Where do stupid fucks like you come from?


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