Thank God either for the good judgement of the FBI agents who executed a search warrant on Mike Lindell during the day, when he was out getting a burger, or just pure serendipity that it turned out that way.

Lindell is still upset that the feds have his phone, despite his asking politely for it back, I mean whadda they want, huh?

Lindell wants them to know what they avoided, and how he could have escalated the situation to something out of CSI Minneapolis. What’s that you say? There is no CSI Minneapolis? Well, there sure as hell would have been if Mike Lindell let the FBI have it, like he could have and would have. He would have shown them. And they would have shown him the inside of a cell.

Now, obviously, Mikey didn’t think through what he was in fact saying. Or, he did, and he’s even stupider/crazier than we know.

The crazy son of a bitch would have woke up in traction in the local hospital, assuming he would have woke up at all. Plus, correct me if I’m wrong. If somebody is using deadly force, such as their vehicle to wreak havoc and attempt to kill people, the FBI, as officers of the law, would be privileged to use deadly force to stop him, right?

And Mikey wasn’t through talking about the FBI, either. He’s on to their plot, doncha know?

Good to know what the FBI’s priorities are. Silly me, I would have thought that they were out there catching the bad guys, but no, they’re worried about online stores selling merchandise. I’ll bear that in mind, should we ever start a store here on PolitiZoom.

That might not be a bad idea, actually. Let me cogitate on that a while. Anything for a buck, right? I guarantee you, we won’t be selling My Pillows, that’s the only absolute that I have at this time.

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  1. I do believe pillow man is trying to compete with former guy for the title of “stupidest thing to say while under investigation by law enforcement”. He has a way to go but he is doing pretty well.



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