I didn’t like Michael Cohen when he first rose to prominence as part of Trump’s cult. I was not alone in that. Legend has it that on Election Night 2016, when Steve Bannon was cavorting around with a champagne bottle, claiming, “We’ll rule for the next 50 years!” that Cohen made the decision that night to run for Mayor of New York City.

Everybody was very high on Trump’s success and actually it makes sense. If a complete imbecile like Donald Trump can become president of the United States then why shouldn’t Michael Cohen be the mayor of New York? He surely couldn’t become a bigger wash out at it, and life in general, than Rudy Giuliani.

But the present day Michael Cohen, the born again guy, the one who saw the light and has clued us all in about his time on the Dark Side serving Trump as his master. is a likeable fellow. And three years in prison can make a man humble, he’s living proof. Cohen also called the shot very early on, stating that Trump would not go quietly when he lost the election. Hear him riff hilariously on the lawyers on Trump’s current legal team.

I especially like his comments about Alina Habba.

“Alina is possibly the last lawyer on the planet that should be out there right now defending this grotesque possession of national security secrets at Mar-a-Lago.”

“She has no clue when it comes to the DOJ. She’s working in parking lots, not in the Justice Department.”

The only thing I would say to any of Trump’s current lawyers is look at what happened to Michael Cohen. Under the bus he went. They might think about that. At the very least, when Trump has no use for them anymore they will be relegated to the status of coffee boy, or girl as the case may be.


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  1. I too have developed a somewhat forgiving attitude towards this guy. He paid a price both financially and with prison time for being a Trumpkin. More importantly, he has accepted responsibility for enabling Trump to do so much harm and has spent a lot of time and effort trying to make amends. I believe his remorse is genuine and that he’ll carry it the rest of his life.

    Having said that I still feel compelled to say something unkind. Cohen graduated from a barely credentialed law school which if I’m not mistaken wound up losing that status. Still, he passed the NY State Bar which is one of the toughest (JFK Jr. needed three tries!) so he’s not a dumbass. He was willing to put in the work to learn what he apparently knew he hadn’t been taught in law school to get his license. But the fact remains he went to a third rate laws school and graduated with people who would mostly be third rate lawyers.

    Which means he can spot one with no effort whatsoever!

    He knows a hack when he sees one, and working for Trump he surely learned how to spot other lawyers who were incompetent, could be bullied or both. I have no doubt he takes the measure of every lawyer that signs up to work for Trump and it’s clear his contempt for some of the current crop that’s been out front on the current mess is considerable. Which brings me full circle to saying something nice about Cohen – there was a time in life when he knew what he didn’t know and he put in what had to be considerable work to pass the NY State Bar. He’s earned the right to be contemptuous of Trump’s current crop of “she’s not Ivanka but she looks good on my magic tee vee box” lawyers!

    • I don’t feel sorry for him-he did what he did and did it for trump. I do however think he knows what he’s talking about and people ought to listen.

      • Hey I’ve read pulizer prize winning books on Lincoln. He was a racist who thought sending black people back to Africa was the ticket. He evolved his opinions to his credit, as saving the union was his main focus. So everytime I hear Republicans or anyone opine about how the party was so enlightened way back then…horseshit. Once he realized he NEEDED more soliders to save the union and black conscripts were excellent fighters, that influenced him greatly. Too bad the party is now basically the kkk & the nazi party fucking in the back room to produce pinheaded soliders of war. Fuck Reagan. He didn’t tear down shit. The Russian leader did and won the Nobel peace prize & was ostracized in his own country. Fact. Reagan was an evil huckster. Another fucking lousy actor. Fact. Involved in an arms & cocaine deal that funded an illegal war killing peasants with juntas trained in Georgia. Of course locking up potsmokers and just saying no to justice. In the end he conveniently was let off because he ‘forgot’ & Oliver got off on legal technicalities. Once again, THE LAW locked up people doing no harm, while letting the guilty of horrendous crimes go free. See the fucking pattern? Here we are again, or should I point out we’ve always been exactly in the same place. Geez that does sound like Alice in Wonderland except the jabberwocky eats her in the end. Sorry Alice.

  2. I used to call former guy’s attorneys “F listers”. I’m pretty sure he’s down to the Y or Z listers by now. I can only think that after he’s run through those, he’ll represent himself and won’t that be something to watch.


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