i guess if you can’t win in court you can always go down to the lounge and have a few and chat with the other believers about your favorite guy. Lin Wood went down in flames in an effort to overturn election results in Georgia, this time on the two senate run off seats. His pleading was characterized as “astonishingly speculative” and it all went downhill from there. Law and Crime:

Filed on Dec. 18, 2020 in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, Wood’s petition alleged that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) and the state election board ran afoul of both Peach State law and the U.S. Constitution when Raffensperger settled a prior lawsuit over the use of signature verification procedures used for mail-in ballots.

“[U]nder the Litigation Settlement, the Administrators agreed to change the statutorily prescribed process of handling absentee ballots in a manner that was not consistent with the laws promulgated by the Georgia Legislature,” Wood’s original petition argued.

“This unconstitutional change in Georgia election law made it more likely that ballots without matching signatures would be counted and had a material impact on the Defendants’ final vote count, diluting Plaintiff’s right to vote, to the detriment of the Republican candidates,” Wood alleged, later in the petition. “Indeed, the Litigation Settlement led to a marked decrease in challenged signatures and the rate of rejection of absentee ballots dropped dramatically in the presidential election, and the same will occur in the United States Senate election runoff unless this Court intervenes.” […]

In a recent case involving similar claims brought by Wood, our Court applied this framework to hold that Wood lacked standing to bring his claims. In that case, Wood alleged that Georgia’s absentee-ballot and recount procedures used in the 2020 election violated his constitutional rights. He therefore sought to “enjoin certification of the general election results, to secure a new recount under different rules, and to establish new rules for an upcoming runoff election.” The Court noted that Wood’s alleged “injury to the right ‘to require that the government be administered according to the law’” was an insufficient generalized grievance. And although Wood argued that “the inclusion of unlawfully processed absentee ballots diluted the weight of his vote” and that Georgia “valued” and “favored” in-person votes less than absentee votes, the Court held that neither injury was particularized and thus could not support standing. While the Court recognized vote dilution can be a particularized injury, Wood’s claim of vote dilution was an insufficient generalized grievance because any vote dilution had a proportional effect on every vote and thus “no single voter [was] specifically disadvantaged.”

Generalized grievance is what Lin Wood is about. But cheer up, Lin. This may be the last case you lose in Georgia because you may not have a license much longer.

But if Wood can’t win in court he can always hang with the MAGAs. Here he is presumably drowning his sorrows after the ruling.

Same allusions to military takeover and Trump’s secret reign. Okay, we’ll buy it. Trump is running the country from a golf course in New Jersey. Great.

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  1. Trump would love to make a supposed emotional, “song-like” message as this one, two problems – one, he can’t calmly tell an emotional story with the supposed heart string attachment to the majority of his minority mob … he would need to know what an emotional thought would be … Trump is above all that, does not care one bit about anybody, unless they give him money, so all the hundreds of thousands that died from his handling of the virus were the families of ordinary losers, not his own family …

    Two – His voice is like a new stick of chalk screeching across a freshly washed black board by an unruly student … his sing-song voice through his snarling face, instantly puts people to sleep with lies he repeats hundreds of time … no new stuff EVER … hand signals, arm waving idiocy … He left huge evidence sources in his insanely stupid attempts to coerce Ukraine into Biden attacks, his attempts to change the voting records of his loss to Biden in different State’s so he would be the winner … just a crotchety old loser, a very sorry excuse for a human … and yet, McConnell has played DJT for his own purposes, just like Putin ..

  2. Thank God for Lin Wood and other brave patriots willing to stand up against the evil being perpetrated against our country! I will fight and pray for him until the end. God is the ultimate judge, and Lin Wood WILL get his justice… Watch it happen.


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