It has been a brutal week for Trumpty Dumpty. Next week doesn’t look to be shaping up so well, either. Mark Meadows will be cited for contempt of Congress on Monday, Tuesday at the latest. Trump lost his case with the U.S. District Court  and then the Court of Appeals and so the big question now is, will that matter go to the Supreme Court? That is extremely doubtful, the reason being that the three appellate justices were not only unanimous in their verdict, they were also very clear on the law. If there is some glaring issue that needs to be resolved in an expedited fashion by SCOTUS, nobody has noticed it.

At least nobody in the real world has noticed it. Over at Fox News, of course, hope springs eternal and fantasy is the order of the day, so Laura Ingraham jumped on the topic. Her framing of it was, “Will your three Supreme Court appointees uphold your request for executive privilege?” She didn’t say, “Because if they don’t you’re screwed, blued and tatoooed,” but that’s the case.

Here’s the epic exchange between Ingraham and Trump.

In the dimension where I live, I know I heard Trump say, “You have to fight like hell or you won’t have a country anymore.” That’s now an example of extremely calm prose. Hoe kay.

Here’s what we know as one week ends and another will begin:

  1. Trump is SOL. I know, I know. You’ve heard it all before, ad nauseum, but he is screwed in a unique way now because;
  2. He’s tried to float his executive privilege b.s. and it was denied by a U.S. District Court and then;
  3. It was denied by an appellate court and
  4. There is no issue that the Supreme Court is going to litigate because the law in the 68-page opinion just rendered by the Court of Appeals is very clear. That is the consensus of legal experts everywhere. If there was a leg for Trump to stand on, you’d have heard about it already.
  5. Mark Meadows is going down in flames next week. He’s going to be cited for contempt of Congress. That won’t help Trump’s cause, either;
  6. The litigation in New York state is heating up;
  7. You add this all up and it does not come down in Trump’s favor.

And take a look at this.

Stay tuned. But unless some other jack jumps out of a box somewhere, these points above are dependable. There’s not a lot of wiggle room. I don’t want to say “the walls are closing in” but let’s just say it’s for damn sure that Trump’s options are not expanding.


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    • He’s gotten away with so much, for so long, and has screwed so many that it will be amazing if he actually has to atone for any of it. I marvel at all of this that we’ve seen with Trump.

  1. The former president has demonstrated to the other enemies of this country how to go about destroying the growth we’ve gained the past 200+ years. Even when he goes down, the damage is done and the mantle will be seized by someone else.

  2. Ok, I’ll take you up on it Ursula, here’s what I “love” about Trump. Chutzpa at such a level that the thought it’s chutzpa is so beyond his addled mind it’s hilarious.
    Example “No one has died here, except the person who died!”
    I mean, you gotta love it. The old definition of chutzpa was the orphan who kills his parents and asks the court for mercy ‘cuz he’s an orphan. But “No one died here, except the person who died!” HAS to be a new and serious contender for the OED definition of chutzpa.
    Don’t you think, Ursula?

    • Hi Brian, you must have returned from your trip. I was just thinking of you last night. The thermometer went down to 38 degrees. One of my friends actually got snow in her yard this week. I mentioned it to another friend, and she was shocked and said, “Where?!” I said, “North of here, near the Strip.” I know, I know, you don’t think it’s cold unless it’s 38 degrees below zero.

  3. Gee Donnie your guy withdrew his people on the committee. Pelosi wouldn’t seat two people and at least one of them is on the witness list. How would that work. Talk on one side then run over to talk on the other side. And Jim Jordan has Joe Biden beat hands down for a stutter every time someone asks about his conversations with you on J6. Lotsa luck. And Liz Cheney is a warrior. Something your draft dodging ass has no idea of. If she loses it will be for a good reason. And funny thing about republicans. They like a fighter. So don’t count her out just yet. And hey, you have a turn in the witness chair coming. Please lie like a dog as you usually do. They will hang your ass for perjury. Peace ☮️ and goodwill to all!


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