Donald Trump said that he was the most popular Republican ever. “beating Lincoln. I beat our Honest Abe.” Jon Voight also sees a profound connection between Trump and Lincoln. Voight apparently gets messages from the spirit world, which doesn’t surprise us, and he just announced that Lincoln’s spirit is a guiding force in Trump’s life. Silly us. We thought Satan was the force animating that particular blob of flesh.

I like Voight’s acting, no complaints there. But his politics suck.

This is what I know.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

They’re both death cults, MAGA/QAnon and Heaven’s Gate, so I can’t say the resemblance is surprising.

Here’s what the spirits of the bygone presidents are really feeling.

This is a jewel so I have to drop it in here.

And finally, here is the Trump we know. These facts will never change.

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  1. I wonder how well Angelina gets along with her dad. I know they had a falling out some years ago and perhaps they reconciled. I guess if she does get along with him, it’s no politics involved.

  2. Started watching Season 2 of The Righteous Gemstones. Over the top – to say the least. But, this comment of Voight? Really? I mean really? Does Voight have a functioning brain, or did he ever?

    • I just started watching Season 1 of Righteous Gemstones. I love it. I absolutely love it. In a way I wish I had waited for the show to run its course and then binge watched it, like I did with Breaking Bad.

      John Goodman is wonderful in this show. They all are, every one of them, but I particularly like Goodman.

      If you haven’t seen The Eyes Of Tammy Faye you need to drop everything and watch that.

  3. I have definitive proof President Lincoln’s spirit is not guiding Trump. Mr. Trump hasn’t ended up on the pavement after a ‘fall’ from the top of Trump tower. Not saying Lincoln pushed him but I know he was willing to do anything to save the Union. Maybe he just talked him into jumping or just gave him a vision of his future. Probably the last guess.

  4. I used to like John Voight – in his early days as an actor. But no more and not for some time. Here’s why. Now he doesn’t even act that well either.


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