If you’ve got 5:23 to look at a summary that Meidas Touch put together, this is as good a distillation of what happened last year when Donald Trump decided to rail against democracy and attempt to keep an office which he was voted out of as you’re going to see. It incorporates that which was known for the past year with that which was recently learned just this past week about the draft of the executive order and the fake elector certifications.

January 6 was the first time a candidate who was defeated attempted to stay in office. It was the first time that a candidate refused to accept the results of the will of the people, but it likely will not be the last. The characters involved in this coup are still with us and still stoking the fires of division.

America has changed. We are more dumbed down than we used to be, more ready to swallow anything. People do not apply critical analysis to things any more, they accept false information that fits their predetermined bias.

I don’t know if the guardrails of democracy will hold the next time out.

One thing is sure: as corrupt as the GOP is right now, if they get hold of one or both chambers of Congress this fall, things in this country are going to get a lot worse, fast.

It’s an axiom of life that it’s far faster and easier to destroy than it is to build. We saw that when Trump was in office. We see the same corrosive principles on right-wing media. And I’m afraid to think of what could happen in November.

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  1. That video was chilling. I urge everyone to take the time to watch it. Perhaps they will do a follow-up version with a tag about voting rights and show both Manchin and Sinema voting no on the carve out to the filibuster with narration stating something to the effect that “these two Democratic Senators have sided with the Republicans to overturn the will of the voters.”

  2. The biggest mystery is WHO has the balls to defend our democracy & BE WILLING TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES. My 5 uncles were in WW2. I can guarantee you they didn’t want to be in France, crawling on their belly being shot at. They didn’t want to be on ships in the pacific. Two, who were brothers, met each other after taking an island from the japanese. I’ve lived on a ship made completely of metal, going down a hatch to my bunk. Someone drop a wrench topside, it reverberated. Comfort is not an option to stop these moneyed fascist. Never was. Of course, here Comfort is our national religion. Steal someone’s phone we are willing to go to the mat. Steal our 240 year old democracy,(for whites only), ho hum. What’s on tv?

    • You know Scott, your uncles’ generation was called “the Greatest Generation” for a reason. We (boomers, etc.) are not the greatest generation or come anywhere even close.

      • True enough. Not one said a word about combat. I knew them all. True enough. It keeps me worried for my children. Especially since my youngest is mixed race. A mutt. Like the rest of us really per evolutionary DNA results. Money has ruined most things & politics is no exception despite the rhetoric.


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