If you’re worried about Traitor Tot slithering off on criminal charges next year, let your fears subside. Not only has Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis let slip that there are only three of the 19 criminal defendants that she won’t deal with for reduced sentences, namely Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, and Rudy Giuliani, which means you’ll have three defendants, and 16 cooperating witnesses, but His Lowness just took all of the suspense out of it.

It has already been confirmed by multiple news outlets that El Pendejo Presidente will take the stand on December 11th in the New York civil trial against Trump, his monkey spawn, and his beloved Trump organization. His will be the last testimony before closing arguments that turn the case over to the presiding judge for resolution.

Stupid, thy name is Trump. Just think about this for a moment. Obviously the angle His Lowness is looking for is that of an innocent businessman, taking the stand to defend his beloved company against a corrupt and politically motivated Attorney General. There’s just one simple problem here.

It’s suicidal bullsh*t! Just look at the simple facts for a moment. At the conclusion of the Attorney General’s case, the judge issued a summary judgement that the Trump Organization was guilty of long term. systemic fraud. That’s the end of the story. Game Over!

The only thing that these last weeks, and the ensuing two weeks are about is exactly who is guilty of that fraud, how how much both they and the Trump Organization should be held financially responsible for in punitive damages. For Christ’s sakes, the judge has already placed the organization in receivership, a court appointed trustee taking over the daily operations, since nobody in the Trump Klan can continue to run it.

That pie is already baked. End of story. But that being said, with an 0-2 count with two outs in the bottom of the 9th, Trump is going to take the stand to defend himself and his company. This is a man who literally never met a fact he didn’t hate, and who myopically believes that there is no bullsh*t he can peddle that won’t be believed by the rest of us dumb asses.

Emperor Numbus Nuttis I is going to take the stand for no better reason than to publicly lick his nuts and continue to insist that he is the victim here. Which will allow him to go on an email and text blast to continue to fleece the sheeple when the verdict likely threatens to turn him into what he always was, a bullsh*t con artist.

So why is this sad debacle important? Here’s why. Despite all the best efforts of his lowlife legal turds, Judge Tanya Chutkan is dead set on starting Trump’s election fraud trial on March 4th, right on time. And you can bet your ass that Jack Smith and his legal A-Team are going to show up loaded for bear.

Let’s be honest here. El Pendejo Presidente is toast. Smith has all of the voluminous records, documents and testimony of the J6 committee at his disposal. Smith has not just one, but two devastating star witnesses, Cassidy Hutchinson as well as former Vice President Mike Pence, locked-and-loaded to put Trump right in the middle of the action. He has documents, he has Mark Meadows’s texts, e-mails, and testimony. He has former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and former White House lawyer Eric Herschmann to testify to the insanity of the post election Trump White House. Trump is a trussed turkey.

Trump, the self obsessed, narcissistic serial liar is willing to go on the stand in a totally lost cause just to lash out in opposition to civil trial witnesses like Michael Cohen just in order to make his lying point in a case that is already lost.

What do you honestly think that The Mango Messiah will do when he’s forced to sit in federal court for weeks on end, listening to testimony from people he considered to be his nearest and dearest, like Hope Hicks and his former Secret Service chief take the stand and testify against him? I can tell you exactly what he’s going to do.

Like disgraced South Carolina convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh, Trump is going to demand from his lawyers the right to take the stand and testify in his own defense. And it will come to the same tragic end.

Murdaugh’s lawyers literally begged him not to take the stand. They knew he was a devastatingly bad witness. I watched his testimony all the way through, and couldn’t help but think how pathetically contrived his references to his son Paul as Paw-Paw were, and how contrived his tears were. The jury convicted him in near record time.

It will be the same this time. With his own life and potential liberty on the line, Hair Twitler will have no choice but to take the stand and directly refute the testimony of people he once trusted, and who turned against him in his moment of need. Trump’s over weaning ego will demand that he take the stand and put the record right.

And when he does, Jack Smith’s hand picked honey badger will be sitting there waiting for him. Truth is the sunlight for Trump’s Nosferatu, and when the cross examination starts, the prosecution will rip him to shreds with his own words. Worse, as things go against Trump on the stand, he’ll become even more belligerent and unhinged, and all right in front of the jury.

Whatever happens in March, Trump is going down. But if he goes down, Trump will make goddamned sure that he foes down his way. Fighting like a son of a bitch, and then turn around and fundraise one last time about his victimhood. At this time it’s seems almost predetermined. Don’t touch that dial.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. It’s clear he’s a man experiencing a liquidity crisis, and if Engoron orders the $40 million he illegally transferred from his organization to his personal account to be frozen, he will soon be experiencing a massive bankruptcy event. Come March, all his lawyers could be court-appointed.

  2. Turns out Trump illegally transferred 40milion to.his petsonal.account t without notifying the person appointed to oversee his Trump company assets…

  3. I am not from or in the US, but surely if Mr. Trump is going to provide the final testimony for the defence then the prosecution team gets to cross-examine him.

    Under oath.

    Boy, howdy, even from here I can see that might be a sight to behold. Is perjury in a civil trial a criminal offence? (Just asking.)


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