This is going to get good, if everything goes right. Today was the day. Former Trump Organization CFO Allan Weisselberg showed up in court and pleaded guilty to 15 counts of tax fraud involving the Trump organization. In return, he spends 5 months in the Rikers Island Glee club, 5 years of probation, and a $3 million fine.

In return for the deal, Weisselberg will testify fully and honestly against the Trump organization in it’s trial, which is scheduled to start in late October, but not against Trump personally, possibly because Trump isn’t a defendant in that trial. The funny thing is, it may not matter.

With his guilty plea today, Weisselberg had the practical effect of forcing the DOJ to open a tax fraud investigation into the Trump organization, if they haven’t already done so. Here’s why. In confessing his sins, Weisselberg pleaded guilty to state and local tax fraud charges. OK, fine. But among those charges, he also pleaded guilty to federal tax fraud charges. For the first time, a Trump executive has pleaded guilty to federal charges, and in conspiracy with the Trump organization. How can Merrick Garland not start following the Manhattan DA’s bread crumbs?

But here’s where Weisselberg’s reticence to testify against Trump may not matter. With his guilty plea, Weisselberg has just handed the Manhattan DA the keys to the kingdom. Trump is inseparable from the Trump organization, it’s his life. If Weisselberg testifies against the organization, and other executives, he’s testifying against Trump himself.

But who cares? Because right now, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has the Trump organization by the old-short-and-curlies. The trial against the Trump organization doesn’t commence until the 3rd week of October, so there’s time to do it right.

Now that I have him, lock, stick, and barrel, I spent the next 2-3 weeks wringing Weisselberg dry in debriefing like a dish towel. Forget Trump, he doesn’t matter right now. In his plea, Weisselberg confessed that the scam had gone for for more than 15 years. That’s more than enough time for Bragg’s purposes.

Once you send him home, the prosecution team spends a week or two separate, collating, and putting his testimony into a sensible, chronological order, Make it nice and tight, no holes or gaps.

And then you spring the trap. They haul Weisselberg back in front of a grand jury, and make him go through it all over again. He’s the only witness you need. And when he’s done testifying, ask the grand jury to return a superseding true bill of indictment, adding criminal RICO charges to the existing indictments against the company.

You don’t need to prosecute Trump. Trump is his company, they are inseparable. If the jury finds the company guilty of tax fraud charges, they’ll pay a brutal fine, and maybe be subject to state oversight for a while. But Trump will likely survive to fight another day.

But if the Trump organization is found guilty of RICO charges, that allows the state to confiscate ALL income generated by the corrupt operation. And since pretty much Trump’s only source of revenue, now that The Apprentice sleeps with the fishes is the Trump organization, what happens if pretty much every penny that Trump made in the last 15 years, along with anything that was bought from that revenue, is confiscated by the state of New York? And that includes Diaper Donnie Redux, as well as Eric, and to a lesser extent, Ivanka.

That’s the nightmare scenario for Trump, but right now he’s so beset by legal difficulties, from so many fronts that the extent of damage that Weisselberg can do to him without ever even mentioning his name has escaped him. But if he’s as smart as he should be, Alvin Bragg knows it. And pretty soon, so will Traitor tot. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Yes, Bragg has the keys to the Trump kingdom. The problem is that he’s had a set before and turned around and ran AWAY – he might as well have been screaming “If I go through with a great case Trump is gonna say MEAN stuff about me!” Basically, act like virtually every fucking Republican who has for years wished Trump would STFU. And definitely wanted him to do both that and go away, step off the stage like Bush 43 did so they could try and rebuild from the wreckage.

    I have no faith at all Bragg will allow an aggressive prosecution, much less file the NY State version (which is almost as good as the federal version) of RICO against the Trump Org (and by extension Trump). No way. Bragg has proven he doesn’t have the guts. It will be up to Garland to tell the SDNY to do what will be possible once Weisselberg is on the record.

  2. I have no faith in Bragg. Another republican lawyer who cares more about staying in good standing with his clique than justice. Do the professors EVER mention justice in law school? Or is it a way to get rich by going down a well prescribed path where you don’t have to risk, just keep your nose to the grindstone? Hmmm.

  3. I am confused. I thought we had a Federal Law that stated that the person responsible for tax returns – typically CEO — is considered responsible & liable for any errors or fraud. Is Trump not the final responsible individual, who signs the returns?

  4. Wish I could be as optimistic about Weisselberg pleading guilty to 15 criminal counts in exchange for agreeing to fully & truthfully testify against the Trump Org in Oct. This sounds similar to when the US Financial Crimes Network fined Trump Taj Mahal Casino 10 million dollars in 2015 for significant and long-standing anti-money laundering violations spanning a 12-year period. Trump Taj Mahal Corp filed for bankruptcy protection and ended up paying pennies on the dollar on that fine. Hope I’m wrong, but foresee the same thing happening here with Trump Org Corp and none of the Trump Org officers serving hard time in prison. Also, despite what Weisselberg agreed to, expecting him to not fully come clean. He will provide just enough info. to be able to claim “good faith” but not enough to nail any of the Trump Org officers on significant criminal charges. Gotta remember he’s headed the Trump family businesses financials for over 50 years and unlike Michael Cohen, retains loyalty to the Trumps. He will allow the officers to skate by giving them wiggle room on direct knowledge because they will be able to claim they relied on his expertise when they signed the docs. Also, Rikers Island Correctional facility is no federal penitentiary country club prison. It’s hard core. He’ll serve 3 months of his 5 months sentence before being released for home surveillance.

    • I know pot smokers who got longer sentences & that law was put into place by our famous criminal president Nixon as a way to clear the streets of antiwar & black activists. Fact. Everyone arrested for cannabis in America is a POLITICAL PRISONER. Besides, rich white men in America don’t go to jail no matter what they’ve done or how long they’ve done it.


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