This is almost too easy for these prosecutors. Since Day One of Trump’s ever blossoming legal troubles, many if not most legal analysts have opined on Traitor Tot’s difficulties in obtaining top level representation. And the discussion tends to center around two major points of contention.

First, Trump has a nasty habit of stiffing his lawyers for what he considers inadequate representation. Which by his standards means anytime he doesn’t get the desired outcome. And I’m sorry, but I don’t buy that all the way.

Because criminal defense lawyers build their clientele by media exposure. And what other case could get you the kind of media exposure like defending Donald Trump? It would be worth taking that case pro bono for the media exposure alone. You can’t buy that kind or extent of media coverage.

It’s the second reason that I believe has all the wings of a case of Red Bull. And that reason is one too many of Trump’s lawyers have already discovered. The media exposure is useless when you have a client who won’t f*cking listen, and keeps overshadowing his own lawyers every time he opens his mouth.

Trump’s latest Walmart markdown lawyer, John Lauro, is a perfect example. The guy should be arguing divorce cases in Westchester, but instead, every time he appears in court he gets more coverage than the Supreme Court. But what good does the kind of secondhand media exposure he’s getting do him?

Lauro already knows that those seven digit in advance retainers are only going to keep paid as long as he’s a Trump lawyer. And that means showing up every day being an arrogant, aggressive, insulting, insulting pain-in-the-ass, and has the judge threatening him with sanctions in front of the jury?

Just ask Trump’s lead lawyer in the E Jean Carroll suit about that one. Joe Tacopeanuts is largely credited with increasing the cost of her settlement by being such an arrogant, abrasive pr*ck. It was so bade that Trump demoted Tacopeanuts to the kiddie end of the defense table. Who wants a lawyer on their side that’s going to have the judge arguing for a longer sentence?

This is why this is such child’s play for the prosecutors. They go into this knowing that Trump is going to act out, no matter what his lawyers tell him, so just keep jerking his chain and wait for the fireworks. Let’s look at a few recent examples.

In the New York civil case Trump came loaded for bear. He held a long, rambling tirade in which he belittled the prosecutors, James, the judge, his staff, and witnesses. The judge immediately slapped His Lowness with a gag order regarding his staff.

What happens next? Attorney General James takes to the microphones to belittle Trump’s infantile behavior, treat him with scorn, and praise the judge for issuing his gag order. Basically she twisted Trump’s tail in the media, where he’s sure to see it.

So of course Trump exacts his juvenile revenge. Since the gag order only covers the judge’s staff, Trump does a number on his law clerk on Bullsh*t Social, using her name and personal information. includig a picture from her Instagram account showing her and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, leading Trump to label her as Schumer’s girlfriend.

Which immediately earned Trump a $5000 slap on the wrist from the enraged judge along with an order for immediate removal from all Trump sites. James takes to the cameras to smugly say something akin to Let that be a lesson to the thug. Trump pulls the post from Bullsh*t Social, but leaves it on his campaign website for another 17 days, earning him a $10,000 slap, and a warning from the judge that the next round will be more painful than just fines.

Here’s why this is so important, and should be so much fun. On Wednesday through Friday of this upcoming week, Diaper Donnie Jr., Eric and Ivanka are scheduled to testify, in that order. And on Monday of the following week, It’s El Pendejo Presidente’s turn in the tumbler.

FrankenTrump is already apoplectic at the judge for ordering Ivanka to appear when she isn’t even a defendant. I find it inconceivable that The Mango Messiah isn’t going to show up personally for the testimony, not only for moral support, but to assess firsthand for himself the potential damage of their testimony. And it won’t be pretty.

Naturally, on every court break, lunch, and end of day, Trump will explode from the courtroom to hold his impromptu press gaggles, and spew about whatever most infuriated him in that round. And of course Letitia James will follow him to the microphones to stick the needle in. When that happens, I find it impossible to believe that Trump won’t frgy the judge again in fury and frustration. This should be fun to watch.

But wait! There’s one more! When Trump tried that same lame sh*t with Judge Tanya Chutkan, insulting Special Counsel Jack Smith, his staff, the judge and her staff, and potential witnesses, Chutkan lowered the boom, but in a narrowly limited manner. She hit him with a gag order from discussing the prosecutors, their staffs, her staff, evidence and witnesses in the media. Showing Trump her Big Girl panties, Chutkan declined to include herself in the gag order.

In response Trump pulled something I didn’t even know was possible. He appealed her gag order. In all the true crime I’ve read, and every true crime documentary I’ve seen, I’ve never heard of such a thing. It was always my impression that gag orders were standard judicial discretion to preserve the integrity of the cases before them. But he did it, so we’ll see.

In an abundance of caution, Judge Chutkan put her gag order on hold pending appeal. And of course Hair Twitler immediately went bacfk to slamming Smithy and his staff, as well as the judge. But it turns out that Smith has more legal brains for breakfast than Trump and his acorn academy mouthpieces have all year.

The only reason I can find for such a serious leak is that it was Smith himself that wanted it to trickle out that Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, had rolled over on Trump in return for an immunity deal. Meadows’s lawyers responded by calling the article largely inaccurate, but they never directly denied either the immunity deal, or that Meadows was meeting with prosecutors.

As expected, Traitor Tot promptly went ballistic. He took to Bullsh*t Central to not only slam Smith, but to slam Meadows as well as a turncoat and liar, saying he was Full of sh*t! And lo and behold, Friday night Smith sent a motion to the judge, asking her to restore the gag order pending appeal, since Trump was now actively threatening and disparaging highly likely government witnesses. This should all play out over the next 7-10 days.

I bring this to your attention simply because, from where I’m sitting, this is going to become a near constant recurring theme. Trump’s upcoming trials are heating up, and his pathological disdain for authority is going to keep acting out. Trump hasn’t yet had to appear in front of the Manhattan criminal trial judge or the Fulton County judge, but that day is rapidly approaching, especially in Manhattan, where the trial is expected to start in January. And you can bet that those two judges will be well prepared for his nonsense. Don’t touch that dial.

As always, thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. One can certainly hope the judges in the Manhattan and Fulton County trials will be ready. I think he’s received way too much leeway already. Hopefully they will lower the boom on him.

  2. Yup, “Be Prepared” is a good approach. The Mango Dotard’s patterns of behavior are sooo predictable. Nice to goose him almost daily.

  3. “Wanna Get Trump? Simple. Just Keep Pushing His Buttons.”

    Helped along by him seemingly having more buttons than any wurlitzer.

  4. Remind him of when his older brother, Robert, dumped a bowl of mashed potatoes over his head because he was being a brat.

  5. He will wanna be there for Iranian at least. Junior and Eric will find myriad ways to. not outright lie to.avoid perjury, likely repeating “I don’t recall” and pleading the 5th.They’ve got Iranian overseeing one hotel project, but she will try to.wriggle around it since she is NOT a criminal.defendant.Does Israel have a version of my society? Because that may be her and James’s new destination.


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