The final days of the Warnock/Walker senate race are grinding down. Tuesday is the big day. It’s the day when Herschel Walker, who so far is behind in early voting, is expected to make up the difference and sprint to the finish line.

And he’s got some GOP star power down there in Georgia, yes Sir, he does.

No, Lindsey and Ted declined to come back down again after the erection chapter of this saga, but you’ll love who stepped in for those two GOP giants. None other than John Kennedy and he wants you to know how much he hates “high IQ stupid people” who “carry around bags of kale.” Seriously. You know we don’t make this stuff up. That’s because we can’t.

The message there is clear. Let’s send the idiot to Washington, because we don’t want some egghead reading about complex issues and voting accordingly. God forbid, that’ not Amurikkkan.

This is Walker’s former girlfriend talking about his mental illness and his violent tendencies.

Not exactly senate material, right? Which is what Barack Obama has been saying all along.

Now here is my personal favorite. This is an ad which is playing in Georgia. I think it says it all.


🧮 By the numbers: On Election Day, Walker underperformed the rest of the Georgia Republican ticket, running 7 points behind Gov. Brian Kemp in Cobb County, an affluent and fast-diversifying county in the Atlanta suburbs.

  • Among white college-educated voters, Kemp tallied 63%, according to the Edison Research exit poll — a 5-point edge over Walker with that traditionally Republican voting bloc.

Between the lines: The Republican strategy for the runoff is to use Kemp as Walker’s leading surrogate on the airwaves, appealing to Republican voters to stick to their partisan instincts.

  • In November, about 203,000 voters backed Kemp for governor but not Walker.

That big-tent strategy was undermined by Trump’s dinner with antisemitic rapper Kanye West (who changed his named to Ye) and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

  • Kemp got ahead of other leading Republicans in issuing a full-throated denunciation of the dinner: “Racism, antisemitism and denial of the Holocaust have no place in the Republican Party.”
  • At the same time, the Walker campaign was declining to comment — and has remained silent ever since, even as leading GOP figures including Mike Pence and Kevin McCarthy have made public statements denouncing antisemitism, Holocaust denial and white supremacy.

Our thought bubble, with Axios Atlanta’s Emma Hurt: Walker is using Kemp in TV advertising and mailers, but rarely mentions the governor on the campaign trail.

I don’t know if “partisan instincts,” which is when you vote for a potted plant, just as long as it has an R behind its name, is going to carry the day here. But we should find out soon.

I hope that a definitive answer can be found on Tuesday night. Wouldn’t that be nice for the suspense to be over? Warnock recently said, about Walker, “I know in my soul that Georgia is better than this.” Oh, how I hope he is right.

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  1. I don’t have a problem with many people’s Intelligence Quotient (unless they make nefarious use of it)—-I have a problem with many people’s Moral quotient….

  2. How revealing, the rubes are scared of anyone with a high IQ.

    Well we tried low IQ people running things, no-one wants Dimwit Donny back.

    Given a choice, do we want smart people or stupid people running the country?

    i thought so.

  3. Why do they think Democrats (or “woke high IQ people”) hate Dr Seuss? At least we can READ the works of Dr Seuss. I’d be surprised if Walker could manage to make it past page 2 of “The Cat in the Hat” or “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.” (And I really doubt many MAGAts could get that far either.)

    As for Walker’s refusal to denounce white supremacy, you gotta remember he’s in a REALLY awkward position. If he comes out denouncing white supremacy, then those white GOP voters are going to be REALLY pissed (before a whole lot of “n-words” get tossed in his direction–possibly with “you just known that kind’s gonna stick together”). If he doesn’t come out denouncing it, then he’s going to lose those Black men who may have voted for him the first time around (because “Football, yeah!”)–assuming they haven’t already voted for him in early voting or by mail.

      • You missed the brouhaha about some of the Suess books not being quite correct enough for the 21st century? Well, you didn’t miss much although the Suess (Geisel?) estate did remove some of his books from publication. Much ado about nothing really because a LOT of shit from earlier times doesn’t have real good optics in the 21st century.

  4. The domestic abuse will have a lot less effect on white republican voters than that picture of him with a white woman. Slapping women around is quite acceptable in southern states/GA. Miscegenation not so much.


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