The above photo of Donald Trump has gone viral, not surprisingly. He’s out there in the world without his orange makeup and he looks and sounds like hell. All the cries came out “photoshopped!” “fake!” but here’s a Tik Tok video which belies all of that.

Maybe the best thing for Trump is to get convicted of all the things he’s accused of and spend the balance of his days either in prison or under house arrest. He needs the rest.

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  1. Trump looks horrible. I wish his handlers would put him away for good in a home for retired people and take the microphone away. But alas he’ll keep on talking and appearing in public until he dies.

  2. I’d still like to know WHEN was this taken? Is it a new video? If he’s looking this bad again, how did he manage to look more normal since the last time we saw a photo of him looking on death’s door? It had to be more than dyes, pads and girdles.

  3. This pile of whitewashed frumpy goo is YOUR superman???? Hahahahahahahaha. You guys are a riot…figuratively and literally!!! At almost 70, I lift weights, walk 4 miles a day, and am 5’11” and 170 lbs. Bring his dumpy ass on…if you want to see the floor wiped with his fat ass…I volunteer!

  4. Folks should keep in mind temperatures from the Carolinas up the mid eastern seaboard were a little cooler than normal last week – for this time of year. Notice Trump wasn’t the only one wearing long sleeves. What it means is that he hadn’t spent a couple of hours zipping around his course, cheating his way through a round of golf in blazing heat that would make a person all sweaty even riding in a golf cart with a roof providing a little shade at least!

    If he looks like THAT, with the temp in the mid to high 60s I can’t help but wonder if he’s in impending heart attack territory. That’s how some guys look leading up to one, especially one of those “widow maker” heart attacks. Early in the month someone I played h.s. basketball with died and I’m told in the couple of days beforehand he “didn’t look good” – pale and worn out.

    I’m still in the wanting to see him sitting and rotting in prison for at least a year before he kicks the bucket. But who knows? We might soon be treated to Fox and other right wing news outlets making like the old USSR, or North Korea when the leader dies and have just a plain, darkish screen and playing funeral/requiem type music.

  5. He looks like my husband did before his heart attack. And one of the symptoms is feeling cold when the temp.isn’t low.

    I honestly wish he’d just drop.dead and save the CPU try a lot of time and money. Of course his cultists will likely claim he was murdered and blame Dems for it. Dear Goddess,they ate stupid.


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