The problem with war is that Generals keep fighting the next war with the tactics of the last war

How many times have I reminded you guys of my Catholic Mantra? In order to keep your faith intact, make sure it remains unsullied by fact. And it’s true. Any religion is nothing more or less than a blind leap of faith. You find the arguments and logic, or lack thereof compelling, and you believe.

You know what else is a blind leap of faith? Politics and politicians. In church you have a priest or minister. In politics you have a guy or gal, usually lawyers promising you a pot to piss in, as well as a chicken for that pot, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And when you find whose arguments and statements are compelling, you believe.

But the problem with my little mantra is that unless you live in a cave in Tibet, or a FUX bubblesphere, those pesky facts just keep creeping in around the edges. And when enough facts scrape against you, those scales start falling from your eyes. And once they start, there’s no stopping them, and you can never return to that blind state of faith again.

And never has that been more true than in the tragi-comic schlock opera of Donald Trump and the GOP. Trump got elected in 2016 by running on a never ending fire hose of sexist, racist, anti Muslim, xenophobic drivel. But by activating a previously untapped wellspring of low IQ, disaffected GOP voters with a chip on their shoulders, and getting by with a little help from my friends in Moscow, he got in.

The scales started falling on inauguration day, with Sean Spicer’s ridiculous rant about Traitor Tot’s crowd size, and aggravated with KellyAnne Conjob’s alternate facts. The soulless warthogs of the GOP fell in lockstep, and in 2018 the Democrats flipped 40 House seats, mostly in swing suburban districts.

2020 brought more scales falling by the wayside. Sensing his impending defeat, while a global pandemic raged under his watch, even before the first votes were cast Trump started screaming that the only way he could lose was if the election was rigged! As a result Trump lost the White House, the GOP lost the Senate by the narrowest margin, and the Democrats retained control of the House. The humiliation was complete.

But the craven and cowardly GOP incumbents, mostly in the House, were in-for-a-penny,-in-for-a-pound. They were so monolithically trained on hysterical screeches to Stop the Steal that FUX News had to import extra fainting couches into their studios. The issue was that for normal people who got their news from normal outlets, every Trump filed legal case, and every battleground state recount showed the same thing. Trump was full of sh*t. There was no widespread voter fraud. And more scales fell. And not just about Trump, but about these brain dead idiots that kept parroting his every word.

By the fall of 2021, pretty much every GOP operative and donor looking at a positive map for 2022 was literally begging El Pendejo Presidente to just STFU about voter fraud, nobody but the Trump insaniacs was buying it. But it didn’t really matter what Trump said at that point. Because Trump’s craven and cowardly House cretins were already in lockstep. Stop the Steal was the mantra Trump wanted made, and they were going to follow orders, like any good little lemming. They lost another seat in the Senate and barely scraped out an ungovernable majority in the House.

And now we come to 2024. and the McGuffin. In normal elections, candidates speak to their own bases, especially when going into the primaries. But the spineless jellyfish of the GOP House aren’t speaking to their base. They’re speaking to Trump’s base, because every man-jackin’-one of them is ready to fall on that grenade for The Dumpy Despot. The problem is that nobody has been buying that bullsh*t since 2018.

And now we’re in 2023, in the run up to the 2024 election. And just look at today. In the last 48 hours RNC lap poodle Ronna Romney McDaniel, House toady Elise Stefonik, and Machine Gun Marjie all definitely stated on television that there were serious issues with the integrity of the 2020 election. These idjits aren’t even speaking to their own constituents, but to Trump’s base.

And House Squeaker Cave-in McCarthy fares no better. In responding to questions about The Mango Messiah’s impending J6 indictments, McCarthy moo-mooed that this just one more proof of the weaponization of the Biden Justice Department to take out his most dangerous political rival. Apparently Kreepy Kevin didn’t get the memo that Tubby the Ewok, who held weekly press conferences to run his ongoing witch hunts against anyone who didn’t think that Trump was the second coming of Christ was no longer in charge over there.

They’re not speaking to their own base, they’re not even speaking to the GOP base, they’re speaking to the Trump base. Biden nominated and confirmed Merrick Garland with instructions to put the shine back on the department, and then hung a Do Not Disturb sign on his door. Garland, wanting to avoid any politization of the DOJ for the Trump investigation, appointed Jack Smith as Special Counsel, and then hung a Do Not Disturb sign on his door.

The problem with the GOP weaponization claims are twofold. First of all, unless you suffer from long term memory loss, you get the Biden DOJ. Simply because it runs identically to the way that every DOJ has run since the collapse of Nixon, up until Trump bastardized it during his reign. And while the media might be bummed by the lack of Barr dumping sh*t all over everybody the DOJ was investigating, for the rest of us, it’s just the way things are supposed to be.

And the second thins is potentially even more damaging to Trump and the GOP. Immediately after taking over the House, after four days and 15 rounds of voting to elect a Speaker that is, the first thing McCarthy did was to appoint a House Judicial Committee sub Committee on the Weaponization of the US Government, with Trump fluffer Gym Bag Jordan as the chair. The stated objective of the committee is for Jordan to uncover ways that the Biden government is weaponizing the departments in a witch hunt against Trump. And Jordan hasn’t been quiet about the spectacular results he plans to produce.

Jordan, who has obviously never even riffed through Roberts Rules of Order, and is totally unqualified to chair a committee started out behind the 8-ball. The Democratic led J6 committee put on a compelling, prime time tour de force of an investigation into the events leading up to the Capitol riot, and culminating in a prime time ending complete with recommended criminal charges against The Trumpster Fire being forwarded to the DOJ for prosecution.

Jordan can’t stop tripping over his own shoe laces. As they say in Texas, he’s all hat and no cattle. He promised an entire horde of whistleblowers who would blow the doors off of the DOJ and FBI. And of the straggle of far right wingnuts to appear, not a single one fit the federal description of a whistleblower. 

And his fellow ass clown, House Oversight committee Chair, James Comey, who promised to roast Joe and Hunter Biden on spits over an open flame for their China corruption, had his ace whistleblower turn out to be a federally indicted unregistered agent of China accused of gunrunning weapons to Iran. Comer himself admitted on FUX that they looked like a bunch of schmucks.  When you lose FUX News, you’ve lost the war. And recently both Jesse Watters and  Cruella de Ingraham have told both Jordan and Comer to either sh*t or get off the pot.

I can’t keep re-emphasizing this often enough. Trump is toxic in a general election. And yet, rather than jettisoning Trump, at least with their own constituents, the GOP insists on keeping on spouting the same lame sh*t that voters have rejected in the last two elections. And I’ll close with this. When Machine Gun Marjie gives a speech railing against Biden’s socialist agenda, and Team Biden makes an ad playing it without editing, and Biden ends the ad by saying, I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message, you’re f*cking something up fellas.

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  1. Your “… Trump is toxic …” So true. He’ll continue being toxic and most likely will become increasing toxic, until the results of the 2024 election are in. He’ll continue to mix, and use, facts with his version of really, to paint himself as a victim of political conspiracy. His aim is to emotionally and strategically drip-feed his brethren his toxic type of manna. He’ll do this in conjunction with portraying the validity of the various legitimate institutional mechanisms, as totally corrupt: used by his opponents to snooker him and to prevent him from again holding top office. Trump will pay for his sins – he won’t accept this reality, because he’s so toxic.

  2. Supposedly $ never sleeps. How many dems go the way of sinema and a manchin? Just decide to say “ but the money is tooo good !!” And sell their soul??!! But that is for after just beating as many Rs out of office or not letting them in in the first place. Run up the score. Once the dems have their big tent… then the horse dealing begins.

    • The phenomenon you’re describing does exist. But I don’t see it as a growing trend. If it were it should have been happening all along these many years of Trump. Under Biden I think it’s a rear-guard action. The Democratic Party is more unified than usual. I’m not trying to dismiss the problem entirely, but Sinema and Manchin (and the “No Labels” gambit) are enough to worry about. And with luck Sinema won’t be back.

  3. Former guy might be toxic in the general but his little sheep have been ingesting his toxicity for years now-since 2015. They’ve not only developed a resistance but they also like the taste and they have since he rode his schlockey escalator. All we can hope for is there are fewer of his sheep voting in 2024 than there are those who do not want the fool back in the w.h. Oh, and there aren’t enough voters voting for the spoiler candidates (and that might just be a problem in ’24).


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