We’ve all seen great car races, whether in person or in the movies. Things happen at the starter’s pistol. Cars stall, bang into each, mishaps happen and then finally the race is on. 2024 is going to make the wildest car race (or horse race or greyhound race or anything you have ever seen) look ordered by comparison. 2024 is going to make the Keystone Kops look ordered by comparison.

Don’t believe me? Flip open today’s edition of Rolling Stone and see how one race in particular, that of Kanye West, has been hamstrung by the re-banning of his top two lieutenants, Nick Fuentes and Ali Alexander. They can’t survive on Twitter more than a day and this is in the reign of Elon Musk. Go figure.

Fuentes was suspended from the platform less than 24 hours after having a previous permanent ban lifted from his account. The far-right streamer celebrated his return on Tuesday by posting a chart highlighting Jewish executives at prominent companies. The chart, which played into antisemitic tropes claiming Jewish people control the world through prominent industry positions, was titled “Who Controls Your Mind? 2023.” In the few hours his account was active, Fuentes also held a live Twitter Spaces event where he repeated similar tropes and shouted “We love Hitler…bitch!”

That didn’t go over well. Even on Musk’s watch. And this was where it was all going.

Alexander had been on a media blitz since getting his Twitter account back, bragging on a series of podcasts about his and Fuentes’ connections to Ye. He told one podcaster that he and Fuentes had been in Florida with Ye when the rapper posted an image of a swastika intertwined with a Star of David — borrowed from a UFO cult known as the Raelians — that got the rapper booted once again from Twitter.

“I’m sitting diagonal to him,” Alexander recalled. “He says, ‘What do you think?’ And I look at what looks like the Jewish Star of David, and a swastika. And I said, ‘Ye, don’t Please don’t.’ And what he will say to me is like, ‘Ali, you’re a handler.’ Or, ‘You’re boring.’” Despite advising against the tweet, Alexander still defended Ye. “He never did anything hateful,” Alexander protested of Ye, who had recently told Jews it was time to “forgive Hitler.”

If you can’t fly high on Musk’s watch, then you must really be carrying some awful cargo. That’s the takeaway here but whether Alexander or Fuentes get it, is another question altogether.



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  1. 15 foot ditches full of naked women and children huddled together in terror shot by a row of German soliders standing above, over and over and over and over. 6 million slaughtered by the nazis. 70 million dead in WW2. 400,000 US soliders killed, not counting the wounded, the irrevocably traumatized, some killing themselves. These evil bastards think this is a game. I can hardly contain my rage.

    • Some of these scum-suckers think they’re “trolling” us. In their nearsightedness they don’t see that there’s a difference between “triggered by something I’m mildly sensitized to” and “coldly disgusted by someone’s ethical depravity and bankruptcy.”


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