Before we get to the main topic, there’s something I’d like to bring up in the interest of decent reporting and fairness. In naming a Special Counsel to investigate Joe Biden’s secure documents case just like he did for Donald Trump, as well as having the FBI, with permission, search Biden’s home the same as they did with Trump, Garland is clearly trying to play this difficult situation right down the middle. And I applaud that.

But is Garland is going to drive down the middle, how about we drive down the middle all the way? Right now, all we know after several weeks of slow unrolling revelations is that President Biden had a small number of classified documents in his possession, both in an office he inhabited at a foundation he set up when he left the White House as Vice President until he became President, as well as a small number found in his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

In terms of fairness, as well as complete transparency, there is one question I would like Attorney General Garland to answer. What were the exact classifications of the Biden documents? After all, in the immediate days following the Mar-A-Lago search, we quickly learned exactly how many Classified, Secret, Top Secret, and Secure Compartmentalized documents were recovered from Trump’s residence. All we know at this point about Biden’s case is that a small number of classified documents were discovered and returned. But what designation of classified documents? If Garland is going to be an honest broker, then he should make the same breakdown available for the Biden documents that were made available for the Trump documents.

We’re all up to our ears in the number of apples and oranges comparisons we’ve heard from DC pundits and national security experts about the differences in the two cases. Personally I don’t care if I ever see another apple or orange again. But there are two potentially critical differences in the cases that nobody is talking about, but which could make all the difference in the world as to the severity of the offenses. I’ll break them down.

The actual validity of the classified documentation – This is something that nobody seems to be thinking or talking about. Joe Biden was Vice President from January 20th, 2009 until January 20th, 2017 when he returned to private life. I think it obvious that most of the packing was done by subordinates, especially in the Vice President’s office.

In reverting to private life, Biden returned to his home in Wilmington, Delaware, probably lugging boxes of that shit with him. He also set up an office for a foundation that he ran until he returned to the White House in January of 2021. According to current reporting, it was the discovery of classified documents in his office that kicked off this fiasco. Later more classified documents were discovered stored in his house in Wilmington.

But here’s the critical thing. What classification of documents, and from whenBiden was in office from 2009-2017, that’s eight years. A lifetime when you consider that fact that classified documents are upgraded and downgraded all the time. Now add in the four years that Biden was a private citizen in possession of those documents. Depending on the classification and content of those documents, most of them might well not be worth blowing your nose in, national security wise.

Now let’s look at Traitor Tot. Trump was President from January 20th, 2017 until January 20th, 2021. Simple math and logic screams out that whatever documents El Pendejo Presidente took with him, and whatever the classification code, they were no more than four years old! That’s quite a bit of difference form the time frame we’re talking about with Biden. More importantly, I don’t see a sociopath like Trump wasting time throwing in low level clearance documents. With the Cheeto Prophet, his voracious ego required that it all be the newest, biggest, and best. with the best resale value.

So there you have one major bone of contention. There is no current evidence that shows that Biden took any personal interest in the loading of most of the documents that were transferred. It was likely sloppiness or carelessness on the part of subordinates. On the other hand, there is already empirical that Trump regularly, especially in the last six months, took classified documents up to the private residence of the White House. Some of which later turned up missing. Now let’s look at part two.

The storage of and the condition of the storage of the documents – Again, in the Biden case, we have two separate points of egress. First, the original, small tranche of documents were discovered by Biden’s own employees in his personal office at the foundation he worked at. But again, there is no real indication that Biden had any real interaction with the documents. One would assume that pretty much any documents Biden had were stored in locked file cabinets. And again, it is highly likely that it was Biden subordinates that simply transferred the files over from the boxes to the file cabinets, barely looking at them. There is no real reason to believe that Biden even knew that they were there.

The documents found in the Biden home are a bit different, and there I would like a little clarification. From public reporting, the documents were found in boxes in Biden’s garage, and in a box in a personal office just off the garage. Nothing particularly nefarious there. But again, there are two questions that make all the difference.

First, What kind of boxes? Were they the kind of transfer and storage boxes that the White House would use for moving personal possessions? If so, then there’s nothing suspicious there. The movers simply placed the boxes where they were instructed to do so. Which brings us to the $64,000 question.

What condition were the boxes in when they were searched? That’s the keys to the kingdom right there. because if, when they were opened for the search, the packing tape on top of the boxes were still secure and untouched, then that’s strong evidence that Biden had never even looked in those boxes since they had been placed there. So how would he remember what was in there. POP QUIZ! Tell me the exact contents of any box that you have in a storage room or your garage.

Now let’s look at The Trumpster Fire, shall we? There is empirical, eyewitness testimony before the J6 committee that Trump personally examined and supervised which documents in the private residence at the White House would be packed for the move to Mar-A-Lago, and which would be turned over to the National Archives. And furthermore, there is eyewitness testimony that Trump personally went through the documents in storage following the issuance of the federal subpoena, and personally decided what would be returned and what he would keep. There can be no real doubt that Hair Twitler knew exactly what he had in his possession. And it was all no more than four years old.

This is what the FBI and the DOJ will determine in their separate investigations. But when you look a little deeper than just the surface stuff the media is reporting, and start to look more closely at the simple mechanics of packing, moving and storing boxes, then it becomes clear. On the one hand, you have s simple man who likely didn’t even know that classified documents had been packed up and transported to him, and a traitor looking to make a dirty buck off of the nation’s secrets.

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  1. As they say the devil is in the details. God I wish the media weren’t a bunch of junkies that always run to the quick fix. Details? We don’t need no stinking details. Yeah Joe, I’d also like to hear some of those answers.

    • Long gone are the days when college Journalism programs actually produced real journalists. Why bother when the public is perfectly satisfied with sensationalist garbage?

  2. The thing I don’t understand is why the Biden team didn’t search all his properties and offices after the first batch was found in November, just to be on the safe side. If they had disclosed it then, it would have been made a big deal but I doubt it would have changed any of the results of the mid terms. At least he could claim transparency.

    I’m pretty sure the documents Biden had were innocuous. All we know is they were classified but I haven’t heard they were TOP SECRET like the ones the grump stole and tried to keep. Not to mention that a good number of files the slime ball stole and tried to keeprde were EMPTY! What happened to the contents of those empty folders? Didn’t slime ball recently claim he has info on everybody? As president, he could demand and have access to negative info on anyone he wanted to. I have no doubt that, along with files regarding other countries, many of the documents tgf took were years worth of dirt on anyone and everyone (Graham, McCarthy, Cruz, et al) he could blackmail, smear and ruin for his own benefit.
    It doesn’t matter to the general public. It’s the optics and the press is doing everything they can to draw a false equivalency. Sadly, Biden and his team blew it on this one and ultimately, we’ll all have to pay the price when this is blown out of proportion in 2024. I’m so, so disappointed that the one thing we could believe would finally put shackles and a gag on the orange one has now become a “both sides” narrative instead of a perp walk.


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