Much has been made of Tucker Carlson’s private opinions on the Orangeutan, Fox News and Fox News viewers.

But Carlson knows which side his bread is buttered on, so he continues to gaslight his viewership, along with the rest of us, to keep all that sweet blood money rolling in.

But of all of the revelations regarding his opinions of the MAGA crowd and it’s devotees, one of his producers calling Sidney Powell and her Dominion Voting Systems trashing cohorts “Cousin f***er types” might just be the funniest.

Raw Story

“Anyone who has lost a family member to right-wing conspiracy theories knows that Fox News has been a key piece of that. Now it’s being revealed that even Fox execs view their own viewers with the most offensive terms…

…A Washington Post report revealed that former Donald Trump White House insider Raj Shah, who is now at Fox, knew better about the 2020 conspiracy theories. Still, he worked in his role to keep the lies alive…

In an exchange with Carlson and Shah, the former Trump adviser, explained that Sidney Powell claimed that she had an affidavit that would prove a link between Dominion and Venezuela. Shah called it absurd…

…Carlson’s then-producer, Alex Pfeiffer, followed up: “It is so insane but our viewers believe it so addressing again how her stupid Venezuela affidavit isn’t proof might insult them.”

… “Like negotiating with terrorists,” he told the other men. “But especially dumb ones. Cousin f*cker types not Saudi royalty.”

Well, as for insulting them, Pfeiffer, I think that bull is already out of the barn.

As this was private correspondence, we don’t have video, but here is an Aaron Rupar post which addresses the bigger issue:

Gotta wonder what is in that cup.








No wonder Tucker is running scared.

Not only is he now on record admitting to detesting the Badyear Blimp, he now has to own one of his producers calling Powell and her many fans “Cousin f***er(s)”.

Is his viewership completely clueless or will they start tuning out?

We shall see.

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  1. Well I got into a argument with one of those. He was all over me. I was sick was probably nicest reference. He said I should get my information from somewhere else. Long story short, I said he needed to get his information from someone else. I said well you could go to Fox but they just got busted for lying to their viewers and laughing about it. Silence. Facebook. About a week later he sent me a message that he was going to pray for me. Now I don’t know whether this for my entrance into heaven but more likely the other place. Oh well at least he’s thinking of me.

    • To have argued further, after all that has and is coming out, would have made him look even stupider (that’s a hard lift but doable). It looks like he just couldn’t apologize but would have looked chicken-shittier to say nothing at all. Thus the prayer.

      Obviously the best thing of all would be to not post anything, hell to not even have an account, at f.b. Certainly for your…won’t call him friend. lmao

    • They,will tell you they are praying you will.get Saved,while laying in boxes of micro popcorn,,secretly hoping you get the punishment you deserve (in their eyes9.

  2. It takes a special talent to appear in a photo with Trump and MTG and look like the crazy one of the three.

    But #ucker has it.

  3. I don’t need or want the devil’s prayers, or any of his cult of lying, nazi demons. I wonder if these so called Christians realize the Bible has several instances of the devil quoting scripture. Quoting scripture or holding the book means zippity do dah.

  4. This whole affair only serves to illustrate how vile the fuckers at faux really are. But it also illustrates hos stupid large swaths of Americans truly are. I remember thinking we’d made a giant step forward as a society, as a country, when we elected Obama to the presidency. Huh, then came trump.


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