There is little doubt at this point that the Nord Stream Pipeline in the Baltic Sea was damaged by deliberate attack… practically every nation in the region has said that they detected explosions in the areas prior to the leaks in the pipeline being discovered:


“German Economy Minister Robert Habeck told business leaders that the leaks were due to targeted attacks on the infrastructure and Berlin now knew for sure “that they were not caused by natural occurrences or events or material fatigue”.

Poland’s prime minister blamed sabotage, without citing evidence, Denmark’s premier said the leaks were clearly caused by deliberate actions and Swedish police said they had begun an investigation into potential “gross sabotage”.

Russia, which slashed gas deliveries to Europe after the West imposed sanctions over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, also said sabotage was a possibility and that the leaks undermined the continent’s energy security.

A senior Ukrainian official called the incident a Russian attack to destabilise Europe, without giving proof.”

So, there was deliberate sabotage of the pipelines that had once delivered Russian natural gas to Europe, pipelines that had been effectively shut down by sanctions imposed by the U.S. and Europe, depriving Putin and Russia of funds needed to continue their illegal war in Ukraine.

As of yet, the Kremlin has not accused NATO or the United States for the explosions, but we do know that that with support for the “special operation” in Ukraine weakening, Putin is increasingly trying to paint the hostilities there as an attack by the western powers on Mother Russia.

But with no proof of an attack on the pipeline by the United States, probably because there in almost no possibility that that happened, how is Putin to suggest to his people that the U.S. is responsible?

By calling on the help of his favorite American apparatchik, of course…


Hear hear.

Not fair to Curly, for him it was just an act.

See my previous comment.

Rupert gives 0 shits.


They like the racism.


Anything for a buck.


Tucker and Murdoch are out of control.

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  1. Comrade Carlson inherited a vast sum of money, more than most of us can even dream of so he doesn’t need money. What he does however need, is the drug of the attention he gets from being on TV. If Fox decides to pull the plug on Trump (I think they were close but with DeSantis antics he might not be a wise choice to anoint for 2024 anymore) Carlson will be out of a job. With Fox. But RT? The Pravda of the TV/social media age? They’d happily give him a slot in U.S. prime time, and he’s got enough of an audience of goobers that RT would cough up the money to get included in cable/satellite TV packages over here. Hell, the whole three hour white power Fox primetime lineup might recreate their stuff on RT!

  2. That is pretty f’ing stupid, as a theory.
    (It’s probably welding or seam failures in the pipe. Saltwater is corrosive, and if the pipe isn’t well-coated (they use baked epoxy), or properly welded, or a seam fails, BOOM!
    See: San Bruno.)

  3. It’s the fact that Twitter hasn’t suspended his account yet, tucker knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows that they’re listening to him over there….he’s disgusting!

  4. I have a question, why is my comment being “moderated?” I didn’t use profane language, all I did was call tucker carlson, disgusting. *which he is*

    (Moderator’s Note: I wish I could give you an answer as you’ve posed a quite reasonable question. When it comes to the algorithms that allow this and other sites to function programmers jealously guard their secrets and make things a mystifying to us mere mortal non-geeks (or even super geeks) as quantum physics. There are long time participants who get all the commented kicked into moderation and there’s no reason why. Or, seemingly ability on the part of tech people to provide a tool where I (or ursula) can click and allow such people to no longer have comments tossed into the moderation bin. So, my apologies to you. Trust me when I tell you I’ve written strong, profane stuff here and on other sites and had it sail through to be read by anyone, and simply can’t understand why some like you make a comment like yours and something in the software says “hmmmm. somebody ought to look at this before it’s published. Maybe someday the “geniuses” will relent and allow us to waive moderation for site participants we know to be okay. In the meantime please bear with me. I do have other stuff I have to most days and can’t stay on here constantly.)

    • It’ll be because you haven’t posted before, or recently. After a couple of comments it gets to trust you, it seems from my experience, then forgets you if don’t comment for ages. It’s nothing personal.


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