Art imitates life and life imitates art. And now we have Fox News imitating gay satire. Tucker Carlson has come out with a series of documentaries, which he calls “originals.” This one deals with the burning issue of the end of masculinity, as we know it.

Manly man Tucker Carlson won’t stand for such a thing happening on his watch. Aren’t you relieved?

I don’t know what the monolithic crotch machine is, do you? A heat lamp? Anybody? I vote for Space Alien Testosterone Charging Station, only to be found at Burning Man, or the editing room at Fox News.

Here’s what the God Squad on Righteous Gemstones looks like. This series is hilarious. If you haven’t been watching it, you’re in for a treat. The Gemstones are a family of prosperity consciousness “Christians.” Kelvin is the younger Gemstone brother and he’s gay. He collects a group of gay men to be his God Squad and work out for the Lord. Or something.

As they say in religious circles, with respect to diverse people getting along, “look for the similarities, not the differences.”

I was close.

You know what’s ironic? Lowered testosterone levels have been linked to processed foods, such as Swanson Frozen dinners and that level of dreck. So I guess Carlson has decided to play both sides of the street, sell the garbage that causes the condition and then sell videos about the condition, which advertise, perhaps, the cure to the condition: that space alien charging station/loin cloth, whatever it is.



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