We have to give it up to Tommy Tuberville for doing the seemingly impossible: He has made Ron Johnson seem intelligent and of sound judgement, by comparison. RoJo held the title of Dumbest Senator for many a year, but along comes Tuberville and topples him easily.

It’s not just Tuberville’s intellect which is lacking, his morality is non-existent. He’s actually putting national security at risk in order to play out an agenda of culture war petty vindictiveness.

The Marines are without a leader for the first time in over 100 years. This is an outrage and the Lincoln Project weighs in on it.

The Lincoln Project says:

It will run on Fox and Friends in Washington, DC, Quantico, VA, and Birmingham, Alabama. It will also run digitally, targeting Capitol Hill offices, the Pentagon, and the following Marine bases: 29 Palms, Quantico, Camp Lejeune, Camp Smedley D. Butler (Okinawa), and Camp Pendleton (San Diego).

“Tommy Tuberville is a small man with a big mouth and an embarrassment to the people of Alabama and the United States,” said Rick Wilson, co-founder of the Lincoln Project. “Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower are rolling over in their graves and Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi is laughing out loud as Tuberville insults the service of U.S. Marines, living and dead, with his petty political extortion. He’s not standing on principle; he’s actively siding with America’s enemies.”

And it doesn’t stop here, unfortunately. Unless Republican leadership does something, the Army, Navy, and the Joint Chiefs will be in the same situation in a matter of weeks, according to Politico:

Biden made public what the administration has been saying behind the scenes: The White House and the Pentagon have no plans to concede to Tuberville’s demand that the administration scrap the policy unless it’s codified into law. Instead, Biden’s team is letting Senate Republicans take the heat for Tuberville’s stance, according to a Defense Department official and Democratic lawmakers.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke by phone with Tuberville about the hold Thursday afternoon, according to a spokesperson for the senator. Tuberville initially declined a request for the meeting from Austin’s office, saying he was too busy, according to the DOD official, who was granted anonymity to discuss a sensitive issue.

“Coach said he’s grateful for the cordial and productive conversation and looks forward to continuing dialogue in the near future,” according to the spokesperson, Hannah Eddins, referring to Tuberville, a former coach at Auburn University.

Dear God. He thinks he’s still coaching a ballgame. And he’s too busy to talk to the Secretary of Defense. The man is clueless. Liz Cheney was right, the problem is we’re electing idiots. Tuberville is the poster child.


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  1. Well, this ole grunt watched that and my visceral reaction was “Get Some!” (It’s something most of you won’t understand) Then, I thought about a call I made to Tuberville’s DC office this morning (got a recording so I could only leave a message) and wished I’d thought to say.

    It’s based on a belief I’ve had and expressed before when some fooking SENATOR decides to use their power to do a “hold” to impose their will on national policy. I’ve ranted and even posted pieces that if some Senator wants the powers of a President then by god run for and WIN the office! Otherwise, STFU and sit down/stay the f**k out of the way.

    It’s one thing to be an attention whore for a little while to highlight some matter you think will boost your profile with a bloc of voters. Even for a few news cycles, enough to make sure not only those who can actually elect you but the whole damned country sees you playing big-shot is bad enough. But sometimes, this being one some SENATOR does real damage with their antics. Tuberville has an out with the House’s having made some votes on amendments to the Defense authorization bill that does what he wants. It doesn’t matter his own chamber will strip them out and the “conference” version that eventually gets approved and sent to the President won’t do what Tuberville wants. He can crow about his “achievement” and the dumba$$ goobers in Alabama will re-elect him.

    But it’s one more reason to say it’s time for the filibuster to GO! The “advice and consent” role provided in the Constitution was never intended to be used and ABUSED this way.

    • It doesn’t matter his own chamber will strip them out and the “conference” version that eventually gets approved and sent to the President won’t do what Tuberville wants.

      There are still some sane R’s left in the Senate so let’s hope they do what’s right.

    • Now now, we mustn’t be cynical. I mean, there’s Senator Grassley out there in the cornfield. He’s been around a while, so he qualifies as “leadership.” Yes, he gets lost, but he’s got Mitch on speed dial so he can find his way home. Or, sometimes Joni’s pigs are out there in the field, not wanting to be part of her next roast, and we’re told that the good senator talks to them and gets their advice.

      Whatever happened to Orrin Hatch? Is he still alive? If you just stop to think about it, there’s all kinds of Republican leadership.

  2. Unless the citizens of this country start valuing character over bluster; truth and known facts over opinions; and history over propaganda; we are headed to a very very dark place. This yahoo is just another example of the sorry state of this country.

  3. The L.P. is not pulling any punches with that one. Pity it’s pretty much wasted trying to knock a hole in one of the thickest skulls in D.C.

  4. He sucked as a football coach. He’s found a new low as a ‘senator’. Of course he NEVER SERVED A DAY in the military, so he couldn’t give a sheet about what his idol deemed as suckers. He fits right in with the fascist party, formerly known as the gop.

  5. I think someone ought to publicly question Tuberville about his coaching career and corner him about how many abortions he either ignored or or facilitated to avoid a scandal for his boys, when the football season depended on them.


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