Trump has scheduled an 8:15 p.m. statement from Mar-a-Lago Tuesday night. There is some joking about how it could go and the announcement is within this parody account.

Tuesday at 8:15 from Mar-a-Lago, obviously, Trump wants to get out of New York as fast as possible.

Think about what he’ll have gone through on Tuesday. He may be shocked at some of the charges, some could be far more serious than the “misdemeanor turned felony” Stormy Daniels matter. This could be where New York comes at him for tax fraud and other, more serious, felonies. He could be shocked. We already know he’s furious. He didn’t want anyone around Mar-a-Lago over the weekend, no guests.

So he’s already furious, we hear it in his posts, though his attorneys seem to have convinced him to calm down on Truth Social. And yet, while delivering remarks, perhaps in shock, he may go off script and start using some very dangerous language, akin to a call to action.

As I have pointed out before, Trump had been leaving his supporters very little room but to attack back. He has pleaded out, “How much more are we to take, I am completely innocent, our country is being taken over…” And so, after having the shit scared out of him by actually being “booked” (I sure hope that they skip the “mugshot” that Trump so desperately wants), actually hearing from a judge that Trump cannot control, reading out the crimes with which Trump is charged and him feeling the weight on his shoulders for the first time ever, facing consequences, knowing that this likely isn’t the only time he’ll go through this process. He could say something even more challenging, something about “fighting back” that even more clearly invites a violent or intimidating response.

So imagine what he might say? It is just unbelievably dangerous. This is the man who started an insurrection through a tweet. His true believers in Congress, like MTG will be hyperventilating and screaming frighteningly vindictive sh*t. It will be a dangerous time and Trump won’t necessarily be stable because – again – there could be a serious surprise tucked into those indictments that truly rattles him.

These remarks should be watched and taken seriously.

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  1. Isn’t it possible that the Judge may set his bail conditions so that he can’t move out of the jurisdiction. After all, he does have a NY residence.
    Oh and make him wear an ankle monitor to make sure he doesn’t sneak out.

  2. He may not leave after arraignment. If the judge sets a gag order, he surely knows that Trump will break it just after he walks out of the building….at which point (if he’s on the steps when it happens) Trump will be taken back inside.

  3. Ah. Proof If the “remarks” (IOW incitement to riot again) happen as planned it will be proof Trump’s Secret Service Detail is composed of second-stringers. Sometimes those tasked with protection (not just the Secret Service, but even in the private world) have to save their protectees from themselves. If Trump’s people were worth a shit they’d be working out how to coordinate with the locals to stage a power outage for Trump’s club and surrounding area, along with sabotaging the generators! If that one decent lawyer (who got sidelined long ago) is still on the payroll I’d be willing to bet discrete pleas have been made to Trump’s detail to do just that.

  4. “He didn’t want anyone around Mar-a-Lago over the weekend, no guests.”

    Because there really is a limit to how quickly ketchup can be cleaned up.

  5. It may not happen. Trump is going to NY tomorrow with the idea that he can do a deal. Justice Merchan and Bragg will disabuse him of that notion very quickly. He’ll be summarily processed, stripped of his personal effects and be given the indictment to read in a locked room with his attorney. Then he’ll get a bail application to fill out with no options. His attorney will explain you either post this bail and you agree to the conditions, or you don’t go home. A deflated Individual 1 will sit in the lock-up for an hour or two while bail arrangements are confirmed and until the judge is ready to have him brought out to enter his plea. Merchan will duly take it and then outline the conditions of bail and warn trump that if he violates them he will revoke his bail and have him arrested. Those conditions will strictly limit what he can say publicly about his trial, the jurors, the witnesses, the court and the prosecutor — which of course will throw a cold wet blanket over his entire campaign plan.

    The person who may arrive back at Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday evening will be a tired, shrunken, very scared little man, who will for the first time in his life know what it’s like to be wrenched out of his pampered existence and be held accountable for his seamy deeds.



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