It’s past the witching hour in the nation’s capitol. Arrest, Walter Reed and Trump In D.C. are all trending. The faithful toggle between the hashtags, hoping to catch something new.

Some tweeters cry out in frustration, “I can’t go to bed! I have to stay on Twitter! Why is Trump in D.C.?” Wellll, there are no lack of federal indictments and subpoenas with the Trump name on them, that’s a verity. The day doesn’t go by when a U.S. Marshal isn’t serving process on one of his cronies.

Listen to this video from Meidas Touch for illumination. It runs just over eight minutes. Midway through you learn that September 12 is the deadline for Trump to respond to his Motion For Partial Stay and, in essence, prove that he “owns” the 100 classified documents that he took to Mar-a-Lago. So did all his lawyers quit, maybe, and he’s flying solo, representing himself in propria persona? Or, is it a whole lot more serious than that? It has to be pretty serious for him to literally not change clothes from the golf course, right?

Now let’s see if Trumpty claims to have a possessory interest in the documents. He’s gone silent lately on “declassifying” documents, have you noticed? Somebody finally got through to him and said that dog won’t hunt and so he’s dropped that terminology at least.

And, this is important, if he claims he does have a possessory interest, then in effect he would be admitting to the crime, as was stated in the video. That certainly will work, admission of guilt does wonders to speed things right along.

This I must share again because it’s so spot on.

I like Parkomenko’s thought process. But I like Bill Palmer’s better.

And I like this thinking best of all. Now this is very plausible and would be perfect if true. Oh, I hope I hope I hope.

I think that’s it and I hope that’s it. You will find the answers here the nano second we can find them ourselves and type our tiny fingers off. Oh, wait, that’s Trump who has the tiny fingers.

As Murf likes to say, “Don’t touch that dial.”


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  1. Mystery solved:


    • An insult Brittney-she has considerably more value than former guy. A LOT more. In fact, were we to trade former guy, princess and the tweedle brothers for Ms. Griner, it would still greatly undervalue her.

      • I don’t think Putin has any interest in Tantrumthinskin anymore. I saw a comment about Trump leaving the country and frankly, I don’t think he could if he wanted to. I don’t think ANYONE would offer him asylum. He’s not worth the trouble. There’s not a thinking person left on this planet who is under the illusion Trump is a good businessman or unaware that simple association with him is certain to attract law enforcement scrutiny. Again, he’s far more trouble than he’s worth. Even people who want ‘documents’ are going to haggle and try to just pay for the documents. No one is saying ‘hey, I’ll give you asylum in exchange for the ‘document’.

  2. Whatever it’s about, he didn’t have it on his own schedule, as he was still dressed for golf. But he apparently spent the night at his VA golf club.

  3. It’s now morning and I turned on MSNBC who has for maybe a half hour now not uttered a peep about all this! Instead, we are being “treated” to the procession in Edinburgh of her being ever so slowly (walking pace – there’s an Honor Guard accompanying the hearse) from the airport to where she will be placed for that part of the official mourning period.

    Whatever the fuck is going on with Trump simply isn’t important! Working sources, trying to get verifications so actual reporting as to WTF is going on with Trump, all that shit takes actual investigative journalism. Actual hard work! I say again and again journalists, even most of the fairly decent ones will use ANY excuse to avoid having to do actual hard work no matter how important. Hey, the QUEEN died! SQUIRREL! LOOK HERE! (while we sit on our ASSES and kick back for as long as we can get away with) They will spend as much time as they can showing what’s essentially the same image or handful of images/video over and over, and repeating the same blather of platitudes over and over.

    As for other news? Real stuff that affects real people in far more profound ways (and those people include UK citizens who rightly mourn the passing of a cultural icon but the grandeur of their Monarchy is much more PR than actual governing substance!) doesn’t count for shit. Ukraine? Not as important as watching that hearse. Other problems around the world? Not as important as watching that hearse. Our own domestic turmoil, the mid-terms that will determine if more rights will be stripped away or give a fighting chance to slow down and reverse what SCOTUS has done and intends to do? Not as important as watching that hearse.

    And WTF is Trump doing trying to sneak into DC unnoticed? Say it with me now – not as important in watching that hearse, and hearing all the talk about the Queen and whether the new King will be able to keep the Monarchy popular!

    Since irrelevancy seems to be the order of the day let me extend some to Trump and his arrival. First the golf shoes. White golf shoes I might add. What happened to that “bigly” rule about not wearing white shoes after Labor Day? Oopsie… Yes, out on the golf course itself different rules apply – even the staid PGA tour has had some shall we say “overly colorful” outfits on competitors even in major competitions. But here’s the other thing. Trump might have suddenly left or been pulled off the golf course BUT his standard golf outfit is tan pants (oversized but still not enough to hide the fact he wears Depends under them!) and a white pullover shirt. Upon arrival in DC he was wearing black trousers, and a sport coat too – but still with those white golf shoes. That suggests to me he changed on the plane – someone rushed some regular clothes to the airport but forgot a pair of proper non-golf shoes.

    Whatever. Clearly as I’ve said nothing going on with Trump, nor anything else important is happening in our country or around the world right now.

    Look, I have/had nothing against Queen Elizabeth. She wasn’t perfect (who is) but fulfilled her role pretty well during a lengthy period of quite challenging times. She was awfully young when she became queen and even after gaining experience in the role made some gaffes. But given the length of her reign from where I sit there were less than most high profile leaders make in much shorter periods of time of power/influence. And she had a sense of humor and enjoyed much of the spoofs good comics made using her as their foil. You’ve gotta love that about a lady who embodied the concept of the British Stiff Upper Lip so well.

    But the world of journalism is what it is and will always look for an excuse to take a vacation and let “journalism” rule the news.

  4. WAPO has footage of him at his Virginia golf club with a bunch of the usual suspects tootling around in golf carts without clubs and stopping at the holes for random chats: McCarthy, Nunes, Eric Trump, and Stephen Miller among others. Who flies to DC and gathers his buddies for mock golfing? Betting is on the cheap mob boss.


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