I can hear the Democratic attack ads being made as we speak   GOP strategist after Trump’s CNN Townhall

Oh believe me, I am neither excusing nor exonerating CNN for their pathetic dog-and-pony-show laughably called a Townhall. And God knows that they’re getting a ton of humiliation dumped on their fat heads for their craven search for cheap ratings. But that townhall exposed several weaknesses for Trump, several weaknesses for the GOP, and even a couple of weaknesses for CNN itself.

You know what that CNN townhall reminded me of? An episode of the short lived Rush Limbaugh Show way back when. It was a small studio, with a stage, and room for 150-200 guests. The media quickly dubbed the all male audience the Dittoheads, since every time Limbaugh paused to take a breath, they surged to their feet, applauded, and yelled Ditto! Ditto! The show died in the cradle, but Trump’s hand picked audience shows that the dittoheads live.

For starters, the ratings are in. And as gleefully reported here, they were a miserable flop. In fact, it was reported that CNN viewership for this townhall was even lower than their viewership for Trump’s 2016 townhall. Which tells you something.

Now for the farce. It tells you that CNN miscalculated. In 2016 Trump was a space oddity, and yet when a cable news network which prides itself as being non partisan gave him a townhall, he got at best middling ratings. But Trump is no longer a freak show. America spent four long, miserable years discovering exactly who and what Trump is. And when CNN tried dipping into the same well again, the viewers spanked them. Worse for CNN, this spectacle may have cost them their vaunted reputation of being fair and impartial among moderate and independent viewers.

Now let’s move on to Lord VoldeTrump. In 2016 what made Trump indispensable to the GOP was his unique ability to motivate and energize a sleeping bloc of lower IQ, low interest, white grievance voters and turn them out to the polls. And it worked. Trump rode the lower class disgruntled GOP voters to the nomination, and then rode Vlad the Imp to the White House. But as it turns out, those were his salad days, never to be replicated.

But it came with a catastrophic trade off for the national GOP. Because nobody but trump could motivate those voters. And after the tragic Charlottesville riot, when Traitor Tot described far right neo Nazi’s and white supremacists as very fine people, moderates and independents who might have liked some things about Trump decided they had no interest in being associated with overt racism and fascism. They voted with their feet, and they’re still gone, never to return.

DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith must have had a field day. In fact he probably has the entire townhall stored in his favorites section. Under questioning Trump freely admitted that He had personally taken the documents to Mar-A-Lago with him. This is a switch, since Trump previously stated that he didn’t even know that the documents were being shipped to Florida. Exhibit One in the upcoming People vs Donald Trump trial.

Trump went on to state that The documents were his personally, since he was President. Which is unutterable bullsh*t. Every scrap of paper belongs to the people of the United States, under the care and control of the National Archives.

Trump went on to dig another hole by saying that classification wasn’t an issue, since the documents were automatically declassified when he took them from the secure facility in the White Howe to Mar-A-Lago. More unutterable bullsh*t, since while the President has the absolute right to declassify documents, there is a specific procedure that must be followed to do so.

Writer E Jean Carroll must be taking extra vitamin supplements to live until 90 so she can trim Trump for another $5 million after he repeatedly defamed her in his response to a question about the ruling. The cherry on top was when he said, This is a woman?!

The national GOP is hosed. By a hook-and-ladder. There have to have been moderate and independent viewers out there who had a soft spot for Trump, and who tuned in to see if he had moderated and frown up in the last three years since he lost the presidency. The GOP can now officially kiss those voters goodbye.

Which brings us to the Democratic gift. Joe Biden knows a gift when he sees it, and he’s not about to look-it-horse-in-the-mouth. The townhall wasn’t over for five minutes when the Biden camp tweeted out, with a prominent picture of Trump, Do you really want four more years of this? If not, click here to chip in. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of fundraising kick Biden got from that tweet.

But this is lethal for the GOP. Because for three straight cycles now, the majority of the GOP base has shown that they’re so over Trump. And yet the craven cowards of the GOP caucus are so terrified of being called nasty names by Trump that they’re overlooking the possibility of their voters screaming in their ear with a bullhorn at the ballot box.

But the Democrats know it, and they can capitalize on it. Because barring a conviction, Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee for President in 2024. And once again it’s going to be up to the moderate GOP and independent voters to spank the GOP at the ballot box for making them flog this dead horse one more time.

I hope you like the phrase Do you really want four more years of this?!, because you’re going to see a sh*tload of it over the next 17 months. On bumper stickers, on billboards, on yard signs, on television ads, in mailers. It’s pithy and catchy, it’s sharp and to the point. And every down ballot candidate can use it to tie Trump like an anchor around the next of their opponent, since it’s the craven cowardice of the national GOP that is putting the population through this nightmare yet again.

Look, I’m right there with everybody else in dumping the maximum load of sh*t over CNN’s blatant stupidity in giving Trump a platform from which to screech at his base. But it was Joe Biden who immediately saw the opportunity that CNN and the GOP gave the Democrats, and capitalized on it. And they can keep right on capitalizing on it for the next 16 months. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. My graphics skills are limited so please, anyone out there who knows how please make a couple from suggestions that popped into my head by the end of Murf’s article.

    The tag line phrase is “Four MORE Years of THIS?”

    With any number of pictures of the January 6 riots. (With Trump’s photo added)
    Same with all the pics of Covid victims
    Same with pics of the aftermath of gun violence
    Same with pics of Charlottesville

    That’s just for starters. There are seemingly endless possibilities. Again, everyone chime in with suggestions. And if we have a meme maker or two in our midst please post them in a comment so they can be added to the site’s picture library.

    • I personally would refrain from the gun violence images UNLESS you’re choosing to target GOPers as a whole rather than just Trump. We’re STILL seeing gun violence with Biden as President (and I’m seeing suggestions that this year’s numbers are breaking records in terms of incidents) so a GOPer could turn that around and make it seem like Biden’s been ineffectual in stopping gun violence. That’s why such an ad needs to target the GOP in general to remind people that EVERY SINGLE TIME there’s been a school shooting or other mass-shooting incident, it’s been the GOP that has BLOCKED any kind of action with the “it’s too soon for a serious discussion while emotions are so high” blather but when emotions aren’t so “high,” well, the GOP just seems to act like there’s no need to “rush” for any legislation (while their pockets are being refilled by the NRA).

      I’m in agreement with you on the other topics but gun violence shouldn’t be put at Trump’s feet. (Now, violence against minorities by racists and neo-Nazis–well THAT should be put squarely at Trump’s feet, the only problem is that you really need to balance the images of the victims, to ensure that you don’t inadvertently suggest “all white people are racists” in the process. That’s been the main issue pushing all the right-wing attacks on “critical race theory”–because you’ve got a bunch of aggrieved white conservatives angry at the idea they’ve been the beneficiaries of a subconscious privilege rather than merely the merits of their own behavior and actions and unwilling to acknowledge that others, especially people of color, haven’t had that same opportunity.)

      • You make a good point. Sadly, American voters (millions of them) are lacking in either their willingness or ability to see nuance, and process the fact that Democrats have fought for gun control and Republicans have fought to make more and more lethal guns easily available. AND increasingly openly encourage violence. However, I wrote what I wrote to encourage people to kick around ideas and it’s this type of discussion that is important – to promote solid and clear messaging. Thanks for speaking up.

  2. “Worse for CNN, this spectacle may have cost them their vaunted reputation of being fair and impartial among moderate and independent viewers.”

    Let me fix that for you,

    “Worse for CNN, this spectacle HAS NOW cost them their vaunted reputation of being fair and impartial among moderate and independent viewers.”

  3. Antisocial personality disorder, sometimes called sociopathy, is a mental health condition in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others. People don’t seem to grasp that one can be functional yet insane. Trump is, in fact, an insane person. Also a fucking moron 😡!

  4. My take too. trump has become the gift that keeps on giving for Biden and the Lincoln Project, and CNN put a bow on it. What surprised me is the abject stupidity of CNN’s execs, who seem to have no grasp whatsoever of the state of politics in the country. If they thought they could carve out a piece of the Fox market with this stunt, they were wrong. Those viewers are happy with Fox even sans Carlson, but the moderate viewers who used to trust CNN for balanced coverage are leaving. If CNN was in financial trouble before this fiasco, they will be in deeper trouble now. Expect big changes at the top, or their tent could fold.

  5. The rich, no matter how craven, will continue to call the tune the 95% of us are required to dance to, until the 95% smarten up and vote like our very lives depended on us doing just that. We don’t need guns, we just need the heart and the WILL to stop these nazis before it’s too late for humanity. I’m afraid my two cents is on point. Humanity is at risk because, if we go down the road to authoritarianism, it will end in disaster. Think Germany in the 1930s. First get control of the state. Then eliminate or imprison whomever you deem a threat, or part of the ‘vermin’. End the free press, and replace it with a state controlled propaganda mass media. The leader will end the vote, by corrupting all the old institutions from within, and replacing the heads with his cronies. Repeat, until the population is too cowered to think, and, once brainwashed with fear, will evidence the Stockholm syndrome, and will worship their demigod. Scary isn’t it? I wonder what stage we’re in, since we’re too afraid to lock up this sociopath?

  6. I don’t believe the GOP plans on “winning” the 2024 election in the traditional manner. Instead, they will rely on voter suppression, disinformation, and quasi-legal challenges to accurate vote tallies. And if SCOTUS endorses the “independent state legislature” theory (most likely by the end of the current session), all hell will break loose when GOP state legislators simply declare the Republican candidate to be the winner. Democrats need to prepare for this very real possibility.



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