Traitor Tot must have felt it coming, maybe like that cold breeze down the back of your neck just before something bad happens. He spent the morning posting five angry, whiny, disjointed video messages on his Bullshit Central platform. He stuck to the normal Witch Hunt! and Persecution schtick, at one point furiously staring into the camera and saying coldly, The Manhattan DA, the Fulton County DA, and the Special counsel just. Need. To. Stop.

That was followed a short time later, when NBC News broke exclusively that, according to five senior officials involved, the FBI, Secret Service. and NYPD are directly consulting and planning the logistics for how to handle a possible announcement of a Trump indictment, possibly as early as next week.

According to the report, currently the planning is mostly logistical, such things as what if any custodial role Trump’s Secret Service detail plays, coordinating any information that may be turned over by the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Unit, and any possible street closures and barricades around the DA’s office as well as the courthouse for possible demonstrations and disturbances.

Local, state, and federal agencies, especially law enforcement often co-ordinate with each other for major occurrences, just see any mass shootings. But I don’t ever remember a local and two federal agencies just getting together for the hell of it on a Friday morning just to chew the fat over what they’d do if His Lowness ever got indicted.

When I heard that news, and compared it with Trump’s now somehow less erratic social media response, I was reminded of a certain legal tradition. When someone of notoriety, especially national fame, like Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein is indicted, it is pretty much standard practice for the prosecutor to have the indictments places under court seal. This allows the prosecutor to contact the defendants attorney and arrange for a quiet and peaceful surrender to authorities. Once that’s set up, then the court seal is lifted, and the indictments announced publicly. Could that be the reason for both FrankenTrump’s Trumper tantrum, as well as the sudden law enforcement coordination? That the indictments are already handed and under seal, awaiting only the execution and unsealing? Inquiring minds want to know. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. PERP WALK!!….Can’t wait to see the Orange POS do the Perp Walk!! It will make people want to dance in the streets!!! 🙂

  2. So here we are, finally.

    Long past the end of the beginning and at long last the beginning of the end.

    All good things come to those who wait.

  3. I was watching Nicole Wallace for a bit earlier and it was reported that there was a statement that Trump will surrender himself if indicted. It was noted multiple networks had confirmed (with his lawyers I guess) that bit of news. Frankly I’m shocked. And, let’s face it this IS Trump we’re talking about and he might change his mind back and forth a shitload of times between now and whenever it’s time to face the music in a courtroom. Maybe he’s got Vlad via one of the oligarchs headed for just outside the twelve mile limit off the coast where his club is, with a team of people who will hook up a tow-line to a speedboat and use spec-ops type underwater sleds to get it to shore – then hop on and tow it a ways out before firing up the engines! Or, his buddy Erik Prince could arrange that for him.

    Then again, it’s been reported he sees “bigly” fundraising potential if indicted and he’ll happily whip up his mass of goobers to protest! Which will in turn generate more revenue for him.

    Keep in mind one thing. He’s got a Secret Service detail. Sworn federal law enforcement officers. Yes, they are carefully selected loyalists who gained what passes for a level of trust from Trump back during his time in the WH. However, IF any of them help him run away from prosecution they too will have to live out their lives in exile. And I think it’s safe to say a life sucking up to Trump in exile will be considerably less glamorous or comfortable than their current situation. Not to mention the loss of their pensions and the effect it would have on their loved ones. So, if indictments come and Trump can’t cough up millions for anyone willing to help him escape those agents will cooperate with other LE to see that Trump makes it to court. With as little fuss as possible.

    Trump will probably demand to be flown to wherever on a jet from the Presidential fleet – dreaming of pics of himself he can send out being “President” on “Air Force One.” That ain’t happening. At best the govt. might use one of the smaller executive jets from the Air Force fleet that bigwigs like cabinet secretaries or even sometimes Congress Critters part of small CODEL groups get to use. Personally, I think they should use something I recall from my days in the Corps – a good ole C-130! Let his fat ass sit in a canvass seat like troops do, and if he’s gotta take a piss/dump use whatever might (might mind you – sometimes there’s nothing but a plastic bag) be aboard. Maybe a little chemical toilet. Now THAT is a picture I’d like to see – Trump sitting their in some canvass seat with a vest over his suit and a set of sound reducing earmuffs!

  4. tRump claims they will arrest him on Tuesday and calls for protests. I will demonstrate for his arrest the day he is indicted.


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