Friends, I was absolutely right about Trump displacing aggression with his vicious attacks on General Milley and Mark Esper. This is why Trump went on Truth Social and blasted them. He’s got to blast somebody and who he really wants to blast is Jack Smith. The special counsel filed a 22-page amendment to his Motion For Gag Order in a late Friday night filing. And look at one of the exhibits was. You don’t need to be Nostradamus to figure out why Trump became enraged at the two defense experts.

You see? But wait, there’s more. Here’s the commentary about the Glock purchase.

Oh, mama. He “either purchased a Glock or seeks to benefit from his supporters’ mistaken belief that he did.” Oh yes. This is ketchup waterfall night and of course the dear general and the former Secretary of Defense got splattered with some of it, how could they not? And this is what got Esper into the loop, also as surmised earlier.

Trump would be well advised to not shoot anybody on 5th Avenue while Jack Smith is on the case.

And this is a sentiment that Murfster uses here a lot.

I highly recommend going to Max and screening White House Plumbers, which is a miniseries about Watergate. As absurd as it is, because the incident that inspired it was absurd, Watergate is the height of rational behavior compared to what we see nowadays.

These are Trump’s only posts since the supplement to the gag order motion was filed earlier this evening.

Is he trying to convince us he’s got the election locked up? Or himself? I vote for the latter. Trump probably got a call from his lawyer after the supplemental motion was filed and was told not to rip into Milley or Esper or anybody. Or, maybe his attendants grabbed him and jabbed a heavy dosage of Thorazine in his arm. The man is an out of control child.

And don’t read too much into his stellar polls. These are Republicans and of course they’re going to vote for their hero. Whether their hero gets reelected in a general election is a different question. And his legal problems intensified this very day.

Trump has had a phucked day. Whatever might have happened to you today, it’s nothing compared to what he brought upon himself. And it’s only going to get worse. He’s due in court on Monday.

Have a nice weekend, Donald. Save some ketchup for your French fries.


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  1. His Worst Day when his personally appointed Supremes refuse to hear his appeal after he is convicted in D.C.and GA. But Friday was definitely Italy Donald’s Terrible,Horrible, Very Bad No Good Day. I hope there are many more days like this to happen.


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