From the day that Trump clanked his fat ass down that schlock gilt escalator in Trump Tower to announce his campaign for President in front of a paid crowd, truth and reality were officially under assault. And they remain so until this very day.

But from that day, I have remained confident, and never have I been more confident. For starters, there is no such thing as a simple lie. Lies defy simple facts and logic, and as such, they require an ever increasing web of supporting buttresses to prop them up. All of which become incredibly hard to keep track of. The truth requires no support, it can stand on its own two teeny feet. If someone asks you a question, the truth will flow naturally, a lie requires delay and calculation.

The second reason is the American people themselves. True, some of us are a little more gullible than others, but for the most part, those of us who don’t wear MAGA hats aren’t either willfully or bone stupid. You might con us once, but then we feel stupid, learn the lesson, and move on. The goddamn Trump party just keeps trying to dip into the same well over and over again. Most of us aren’t that stupid.

But here’s what brings everything together and binds the cheese together. In the last couple of days I have written three different articles, on different subjects. I tend to remember my articles, at least in the near term, which is why you sometimes hear me quote from them. But these three made what to me was a compelling composite.

A day or so ago, I wrote about how the wheels fall off of the Trump 2022 wagon because of the simple fact that most normal people simply Don’t fucking like Trump! It’s hard to win when nobody likes you. And earlier today I wrote about now The Big Lie was finally starting to fall apart because Trump could no longer hermetically control the messaging, The Big Lie started to fall apart as The Big Truth started to hammer through. If you weren’t a die hard Trombie, the foundation was starting to crack.

But what was missing from all of this is what I like to call The Human Factor. How does all of this actually relate to the population? What if any of that shit is actually resonating to regular people on an everyday basis? And that brought me to the third article.

A couple of days ago, I wrote an article in which I said that how, despite Teri and I have both done everything right, we both bloomed with Omicron. We’re  fine, but fighting the second wave. I was immensely gratified, not only that my story was believed, but by how many of my readers chose to go to the comments and share the fact that they were undergoing the same tortures of the damned. We all did everything right, and yet still had to pay the piper. And for me, that was what closed the circle.

We are by nature social creatures, we share with each other. And what we share with others, they share, and it broadens the experience. We did that in my comments section about catching Omicron. But it’s not just us my friends, it’s everybody, including Trombies.

As The Blind Hermit from Young Frankenstein, I spend every day with MSNBC as my companion. And I keep hearing things that are not good for Trump and the GOP. For instance, there are the tragic stories from hospitals of anti vaxers who beg with their last breaths before being hooked onto a ventilator to be given the vaccine. Only to be told that it’s too late for that. Or the 40 something long tine Trump anti vaxer podcast host, whose last broadcast before being hooked onto a ventilator and dying was for his listeners to please get the vaccine! Now let’s add in the virulent Trump anti vaxers who had to bury their children.

People talk. We are social creatures, and we share our experiences. That’s what we did in the comments section of my article about catching Omicron despite having done everything right. But you know what? Right now, there is a whole nation of Trump supporters out there that are sharing the stories of personal loss, for no other reason that they were tragically misled by their political leaders.

Trump’s political acolytes like Deathsantis, Kemp, Noem, Abbott, and Ducey played a political game with a deadly pandemic. But they never bothered to factor in the tragic human cost of their political brinksmanship. And now those families of their own constituents are sharing their own personal tragedies with friends and neighbors, along with the realization that they got fucked by their own leaders. And they’re talking to their friends and neighbors.

The old saying is that The road to hell is paved by good intentions. That may well be true, but from where I’m sitting the fast track to hell is paved by political expedience. Trump and his cronies played fast and loose with Covid, for political purposes, and their own constituents paid the price. How do you now go back to them and tell them that it wasn’t your fault! Covid-19 may not be a major issue in 2020, but I get the strong feeling that it may well be a strong undercurrent that the GOP is disregarding at their own peril. Too many people have lost


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  1. For those who become seriously ill, despite doing everything right (which now includes getting vaccinated), I have enormous sympathy. Especially if they live in states with pro-Covid leaders.
    But those who choose to ignore science, who choose to live in a right-wing bubble, have only themselves to blame. To put it bluntly, only an idiot would make a life-or-death medical decision based on politics.

  2. There’s always more going on at every moment than it is humanly possible to know. I agree Joe that a lesson that wounds tends to override a lie. We can hope that losing,(@this moment),twice as many citizens in 2 years, than soliders in WW2 over 4 years fighting in Europe & the Pacific, will wake up the population. Same with all these climate disasters. We’ll see. Maybe watching Ms.Cheney grill a few traitors/witnesses on national TV will move the needle. Maybe we’ve been lucky, but the time for letting the stupid, the corrupt, the greedy, the religious hypocrites, & the untrustworthy run our world is past. As Bruce Springsteen said a long time ago, ” It’s a death trap, a suicide rap. We got to get out while we’re young. Cuz tramps like us, baby we were born to run.”

    • As ghoulish as it sounds, Covid is culling the herd. They purposely misled their flock and now have many fewer voters left. This may end up helping us defeat the authoritarians. We can’t, however, rely on this because somehow or another he found millions of new voters in 2020.

  3. Remember when Jared promoted Covid as a political act because BLUE States were getting it first?

    “When will they ever learn?”

    Meanwhile, on Planet Earth, the WaPo had an article on Wyoming, enough to make your blood boil. Those dudes think impeaching Dotard was unconstitutional. Hmm…

    • The population of WY, much like the population of its northern neighbor MT, do not have much going on upstairs. They, like Montanans, are not the sharpest tools in the shed. Ditto ND, SD and ID citizenry. Looks like nowadays TX can say “well, at least we’re not WY, MT, ND…..”

  4. YES MURPH! I am posting all Trumps latest snafus as #TRUMPwho’s.
    Gen Xers have always been a swing voting group, but their kids —Gen Z, sometimes called Zoomers — overwhelmingly back Democrats.

    – “Generational replacement will not be kind to Trump’s Republican Party,” John Della Volpe, polling director at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics, and CEO of SocialSphere, told me.
    Della Volpe will be out tomorrow with “Fight: How Gen Z Is Channeling Their Fear and Passion to Save America,” digging into the mindset of these 70 million young Americans born beginning in the mid-1990s.

    – “They are the most diverse and most educated generation in history,” Della Volpe writes.
    Della Volpe says five events shaped this rising bloc:

    1. Occupy Wall Street: Millennial-led discussions about inequality became political drivers as Zoomers came of age.
    2. Donald Trump.
    3. The Parkland, Fla., high school shooting and March for Our Lives movement.
    4. 17-year-old Darnella Frazier’s use of her iPhone to record the murder of George Floyd.
    5. Greta Thunberg’s climate strike.


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