Get ready to wash down the walls, Bedminster staffers. They will soon be bathed in red and the floor covered in glass. And hopefully that will all be ketchup bottles and not blood. Trump might bash his head (or somebody else’s) against the wall when he hears this. And he has been known to smash television sets and coffee pots for far less. Uncle Joe, aka Crooked Joe, believes that turnabout is fair play and so he has a new nickname for Donald.

Not the first time Trump was compared to Hoover, either. Those comparisons began to abound when COVID began running riot because Trump decided that it would all “disappear, like a miracle, it will disappear.” 310,000 American lives disappeared instead. I’m sure you remember that insanity. If you don’t, here’s a refresher course.

What a stroll down memory lane that just was. This mishandling of COVID and the subsequent job loss and economic calamity resulted in Trump being compared to Herbert Hoover for the first time. And it goes without saying that Trump has been compared to Richard Nixon for his corruption (although he makes Tricky Dick like like Gandhi, truly.) And comparisons with Andrew Jackson, for his racism, have also abounded. All in all, Trump is identified with the worst characteristics of any and all presidents.

This is gospel truth. And I’ve always found it curious that the “party of fiscal conservatism” manages to screw things up economically with regularity. But when you consider fiscal conservatism translates as prosper the rich, the hell with everybody else, then it makes perfect sense.


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