Joe Biden isn’t the only illegitimate president in American history, he’s one of many, according to QAnon. The newest batshittery from QAnon is that the United States used to be a republic, but then it became a corporation, but it’s going back to being a republic again — March 4, 2021 to be exact when Donald Trump returns and takes over, the first legitimate president since Ulysses S. Grant. Aren’t you relieved? Take a listen to this.

Yes, friends, we have gone beyond the “elite cabal of cannibalistic satanist pedophiles” and now we are in the sovereign citizen phase of the meltdown of the cultural narrative into pure incomprehensibility and paranoia. Vice:

The latest claims being made by QAnon supporters echo those of the sovereign citizen movement, a group of people who believe they are not governed by the same laws as everyone else. That belief has led to violent confrontations with law enforcement have viewed them among the top domestic extremist threats facing the country.

“There was some crossover between QAnon and the sovereign citizen movement before, but I’ve seen sovereign citizen ideas about the United States being a ‘corporation’ become more popular within QAnon and beyond in January,” Travis View, a conspiracy theory researcher, told VICE News.

“It’s concerning because it means QAnon is borrowing ideas from more-established extremism movements.”

Sovereign citizens believe that a law enacted in 1871 secretly turned the U.S. into a corporation and did away with the American government of the founding fathers. The group also believes that President Franklin D. Roosevelt sold U.S. citizens out in 1933 when he ended the gold standard and replaced it by offering citizens as collateral to a group of shadowy foreign investors.

Sovereigns use indecipherable legal filings based on arcane texts to separate themselves from the legal entities the government has supposedly created in their name in order to sell to investors.

This is the latest CT, hot off the presses. You thought the faked moon landing was bad, check this out.

Now here’s the obvious: January 20 was supposed to be the day that Trump got on the Emergency Broadcast System and announced to America that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were being led off in shackles and that he was going down to the White House to go back to work. That didn’t take place. So this new and improved dementia was cobbled together. Have you stopped to think how insane it’s going to get after March 4, when yet another apocalyptic deadline passes? As I said, we are in the realm of kool-aide and comets.

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    • Thank God you’re able to leave a comment Daithi. I am going through hell on earth right now. This is driving me batshit. I never liked technology and I’m not happy with this, God knows.

      • I’m just glad the site’s back up. I tried several times yesterday (Jan 25) and was getting all sorts of scary bits. The first time I tried, I got a browser “security warning” (I use Firefox) that the site’s security certificate wasn’t valid, etc. After “accepting the risk,” I just got blank pages (the address bar said but the page showed absolutely nothing). Then I tried using my phone and it was basically suggesting there was a problem with my “internet connection” (again–I was using my phone and I could get virtually anything else “from the internet”). While using the phone, I was asked if I was interested in buying the domain name (huh?).
        I was certainly hoping this was just some kind of glitch connected to the site’s recent switchover and glad to see that must’ve been the deal.

  1. While there’s a lot of harm these decompensating dinks can do, this should be taken as an unmistakable sign of weakness. NO ONE indulges in these kind of fantasies unless reality has gotten to the point of being unbearable. Truly dangerous people understand enough reality to make a serious play for their fantasies. This crowd isn’t going to enjoy even the limited success of ISIS at this rate.

    • Oh, I don’t know, Simon. They’re doing a pretty effective job in isolating themselves to the point of ensuring they’re stranded in the wilderness for a good while. And before anyone says anything about Russia or China, the former has suddenly got problems on their front doorstep and the latter is no good at influencing through soft power outside its borders (when K-Pop fandom can make a nation back down, said nation is doing it wrong).

      • I certainly hope you’re right with regard to the RW humanoids. As for Russia, lets hope Putin suffers, all too often, it’s the people who end up suffering.
        To call China clumsy after Trump face-planted with the whole Ukraine scandal is hardly a stroke of genius. Besides, China seems to be able to get plenty of bang for their buck in Asia and Africa. China direct neighbours might be on guard, but plenty of African nations have swallowed what China has offered and are eager to swallow more.

        • Africa is like the Middle East, Simon. Anyone who thinks they can hold the territory for long is delusional. Plus, historically, China has always been bad at the foreign influence game. It’s why they’ve usually been conquered rather than the conquerors. I’m reading up the Sino-Soviet Split right now and let me just say that history being repeated.

          • If the Sino-Soviet Split is being repeated I can’t help wonder who’s going to end up playing the role of Albania. Now there’s a regime that took the notion that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun to the utmost extreme and gave every Albanian a rifle, every Albanian family a bunker. Basically the mission statement of the modern NRA and the wet dream of every NRA member. And now it would seem the NRA has finally been caught up in their own pyramid scheme. I guess history DOES repeat itself.
            Any book in particular you’re chewing through?

          • The book I’m looking is actually just entitled The Sino-Soviet Split, Simon, pouring through lots of previously unknown details that adds context to the events. The primary driver of most of Mao’s moves, from what I’ve read so far, was to keep his political fortunes at home stable. He claimed grand visions for the world but could never pull them off. It makes me wonder if Xi is using that as too much a model of his own actions.

  2. The group also believes that President Franklin D. Roosevelt sold U.S. citizens out in 1933 when he ended the gold standard and replaced it by offering citizens as collateral to a group of shadowy foreign investors.

    Well then, that explains a lot…
    all of those calls telling me I’ve been bought, sold, traded in, or repo’d.
    Then there were the *notice of lien* that kept coming in the mail ???
    But…at 63 do you think the warranty is still good? I’ll keep checking.

    • Kidding aside, Wolf, I’m sure an old soldier like you knows the story of General Smedley Butler, who went to Congress to advise of a plot against FDR by homegrown American businessmen who hated the New Deal. I should add that Congress took him seriously enough to put out a report largely backing his claims. Right wing projection is nothing new.

      • A lot of the policies and the people FDR picked to implement them were unpopular at the time. Some considered the steps he took to be a betrayal of the American way of life, plain and simple. At that point, the idea that soft living would corrupt the people physically and spiritually was very popular. Consider that Binding and Hoche were arguing for euthanasia while people in several countries were being forcibly sterilized – In Sweden for instance around the same time FDR entered office.
        To see the country as divided is hardly unusual. Since Smedley was mentioned, I was reminded of the Amritsar massacre, Indian self rule and whatnot. The public was divided on the actions of General Dyer, not to mention the fact that he was given the opportunity to resign and faced no punishment. Subsequently a newspaper started a fund for him and the public in the UK was very generous, I don’t recall the exact sum, but was quite the fortune even for a general. While he was held high in nationalist/imperial circles, a great many officials in Great Britain, Indians – nationalists and loyalists alike were quick to condemn his actions.


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