There is some real sickness in the body politic of America. It is pervasive, pernicious, and profound. It is also extremely sad. An online social media site, The Donald, is running commentary from Trump loving MAGAs and it is are indeed. They’re talking about hanging Mike Pence and “watching his toes dangle” and also saying, “not with a long drop,” which means, don’t let Pence die by having his neck broken, let him strangle to death agonizingly. Words fail me. Rolling Stone:

Special prosecutor Jack Smith’s indictment also recalls how Trump, unable to convince Pence to become a co-conspirator in his despotic plot to steal the presidency, instead unleashed a mob of MAGA supporters against him. “At the Capitol,” the court document reads, “members of the crowd chanted, ‘Hang Mike Pence!’; ‘Where is Pence? Bring him out!’; and ‘Traitor Pence!’”

Such dark sentiments against Pence now have been revived, at an online forum that played a key role for plotters of the unrest of Jan. 6. TheDonald is a Reddit like forum for the Trumpiest of the Trump faithful. Both individual posts, and the comments on them, rise based on the “upvoting” of users, giving a glimpse into the collective psyche of the community.

The top comment on the Pence post called for divine retribution against the “traitor.” It reads: “May GOD Strike him down for his lies and treachery to the American People.” But as other commenters piled on, they fantasized about a public execution of Pence at a gallows. “I want to watch his toes dangle in the breeze,” wrote user BigMikesHairyDong.

“I want to stand beside you as witness,” wrote user Totally_Passable adding, “I want to pull the lever.” This user made clear he didn’t want the violence to end with Pence: “I long for the day we the people pull these traitors… out of their seats screaming, knowing full well what is coming to them, and why its coming.”

So much for evangelical Christian love.

The site began as a popular subReddit, r/TheDonald, but got booted from Reddit for “rule-breaking content” that went unchallenged by moderators who “refused to meet our most basic expectations.” The forum then shifted to a standalone site at And there, as detailed by the Jan. 6 Committee’s final report, it became a hub of plotting for the unrest at the Capitol, and a place where members of the then-Trump administration monitored their success in firing up the base.

Users on discussed: surrounding and occupying the U.S. Capitol; cutting off access tunnels used by Members of Congress; the types of weapons they should bring; and even how to build a hangman’s gallows. The parallels to what transpired on January 6th are obvious.

TheDonald was briefly shuttered by the website owner in the wake of the chaos and violence of Jan. 6, but was, in short order, rebooted by former co-moderators at its current url The site’s current management did not reply to a request for comment about the threats to Pence. […]

Pence is not the only object of seething online anger in the wake of the new indictment. SITE Intelligence, a group that tracks online extremist activity, has flagged online calls for “civil war” and “armed revolution” to avenge Trump, as well as “open threats” to both special counsel Jack Smith and U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who will be handling the case.

On Wednesday, Trump supporters called for assassinating members of the grand jury that returned the most recent indictment against the former president. On the social media site Gettr, users urged others to buy more guns to attack the special counsel and jury members, according to a SITE Intelligence report sent to law enforcement agencies. “Jack Smith just pissed off 200 million Americans with guns,” one person wrote on Gettr. “Buy more guns! We’re going to need them,” posted another. There were also calls on a Telegram channel associated with QAnon conspiracy extremists to attack Washington D.C. “DC needs to be destroyed,” one user wrote. “Time to burn it down!!!!”

And this you’re going to love. Their name for Trump is GEOTUS or “God Emperor of the United States.” That’s what the business failure with the floofy combover and more law enforcement on his tail than Al Capone ever could have imagined, is called. The God Emperor. Again, words fail me.

And Trump got this started today. Make no mistake about that. Here’s what he posted earlier.

This is the kiss of death from Trump and could be a literal kiss of death. I hope Pence has the sense to hire heavy security.


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  1. There were also calls on a Telegram channel associated with QAnon conspiracy extremists to attack Washington D.C. “DC needs to be destroyed,” one user wrote. “Time to burn it down!!!! So, WHERE’S the FCC on this RWNJ’s ? Where’s the CIA & FBI? None of our CIVILIZED Countries are ALLOWING, this kind of “HATE-speech” & spoken VIOLENCE against citizens, go on!

  2. This is the best soap opera ever. The world is laughing at Trump, especially Down Under.
    ‘Neighbours” and “Home and Away”can’t come close to this soapy for entertainment.
    I’d be laughing, if it was’nt so serious.

  3. The NY Times has a story today about Mike Pence being a critical witness in trump’s trial. There’s a clip of him saying,

    “I really do believe that anyone that puts themselves over the constitution should never be president of the United States. What the president maintained that day and frankly has said over and over the last two and a half years is completely false and is contrary to what the Constitution and the laws of this country provide. I dismissed it out of hand, but sadly the president was surrounded by a group of crack-pot lawyers that kept telling him what his itching ears wanted to hear.”

    I think Pence’s life was at stake on Jan 6 and may be today, along with others who have had the guts to stand up to trump and his thugs. Mike Pence and Jack Smith must know too well that some of these crazies may be foolish enough to act out what they are threatening in their blogs.

    Lock him up and put a sock in his mouth before he sheds more blood.

  4. I don’t think much of pence: never have. He joined an administration, as v.p. F.F.S., of a thoroughly corrupt, criminal, dishonest and sexually unsavory individual. None of former guy’s past was a secret and in fact was quite on display. So he certainly deserves no respect whatsoever particularly since he was to provide cover and legitimacy to such a criminal/adulterous/lying p.o.s. That said pence is a former v.p. and a very public figure who should not be threatened with death by your average joe-blow the ragman. In fact, unless I am very much mistaken, I don’t think I am, threatening someone’s life is quite against the law. I am quite curious why these little people are not being severely questioned by law enforcement for these WRITTEN threats. You know, it’s one thing to run off at the mouth with stupid threats. It’s a whole different level when you write the shit down. You can’t claim it was accidental, careless/loose talk, or anything like that when you put your threats in writing.

    I could quite frankly give a happy rat’s ass less if pence lives or dies but when people are allowed to threaten lives with impunity and publicly, well, I’m wondering wtf is up in law enforcement. Perhaps if people of color were making these threats law enforcement would get off their asses and do something. Yeah, I think that might be it-these are wipipo and they have the right to threaten others’ lives. And why not really-their white (orange actually) turd emperor has been allowed to break laws willy-nilly so why not them?

  5. The God Emperor???

    Somebody should remind him what happened to Gaius Augustus Germanicus Caesar (aka Caligula) who was also a ‘God Emperor’

    Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant


    Interesting In the US there are only 335,179,344 people and counting. They have it wrong, there are those of us who do know how to handle weapons of various types, so I would estimate that maybe only possibly 50 to 100,000 they have for their civil war. I honestly believe that there are way more of us than them.

  7. Much depends on how well.his cultists hold together. There were very few supplies at his arraignment in Miami. Today there were hundreds of protesters and counterprotesters. Numbers matter but it o LU takes s hundred people acting as lone wolves or in small groups to.take out judges and lawyers. One nutjob nearly killed Pelosi’s husband. There wasn’t much she could have done if she’d been there.A tin,thin older woman isn’t capable of taking g down a right-wing terrorist with a gun.


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