Trumpty Dumpty must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Maybe it’s that lousy MyPillow that Mike Lindell gave him. Or, more likely, the negative press from his LIV Golf Tournament and the dreadful photos of himself that have circulated on the internet are what’s got his goat.

Naturally, he has to lash out at Biden. Here’s what that looks like.

And then he went on to vent his spleen on Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, for not being able to perform the requisite miracle needed, we guess.

Trump is miffed at Vos because he wants the impossible. The state Supreme Court ruled on July 8 that most absentee ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin are illegal. The ruling addresses future elections, not the one Trump lost in 2020 by more than 20,000 votes in Wisconsin, but Trump doesn’t want to hear that. The Washington Post reported that Trump called Vos mid-July and wanted him to decertify the 2020 election, that magical word.

And there’s a resolution kicking around the state assembly seeking to undo the 2020 election results.

Point being, Trump won’t get off the Big Lie. That is his platform. That is also his Waterloo, but he’s too stupid to see it. It’s also going to be democracy’s Waterloo if enough Republicans continue to support it and poison enough Americans minds about the security of our elections. That’s our problem.


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  1. Ah, he’s just pissed that Uncle Joe is handling his bout of COVID better than he did. Recall that Mr. Tangerine Man wound up on oxygen and came two to three steps from death. By contrast, Uncle Joe can keep broadcasting and working as though it were a head cold. Of all the sins associated with Trump, envy is often the most prevalent.

    • You’re right. And the irony is that he’s had wealth and opportunities that the yous and mes will never come anywhere near. But envy is probably his worst character flaw.

    • But to give credit, Joe got hit with omicron vs. Trump with whatever. But you’re right that Joe is in much better physical shape… that “truth slam” toward Joe sounded like something from a smarmy 3rd grader. Trump’s mind is getting worse by the week now. Something’s going to break.

      • I am never inclined to give that creeper any credit, especially when I remember him and/or his peeps recommending horse pills and aquarium cleaner as treatment. And his health has done nothing but degrade since his richly-deserved run-in with COVID, which is its own poetic justice.

      • Joe is weak and a piss poor president! I am just hoping we can save the country from his mob he has in the white house.God is our only hope now.

  2. With TFG, it’s always projection. This might be his exit strategy from all his legal woes, if he can only find a nursing home adjacent to a golf course. Also, dementia is not something one recovers from.

    • I’d read his attorney’s have come up with a phrase that “he subjectly believes” he won the election vs “he thinks it was stolen”. It was said this might be used as a defense.. I think it’s akin to diminished mental capacity (living in la-la land) or an insanity plea (not knowing right from wrong).

  3. Trump’s dad had Alzheimer’s.. experts could probably see more signs, but I see him as unable to talk about anything but the past (I think he recently used the “lock her up” slogan again.. always a crowd pleaser! [for simple minded people]) or complaining. Lately he’s been going WAY off the rails, with stupid stuff about Biden moving to a home, and earlier about Abrams and Clinton contesting election results longer than he has. Is like he’s getting further detached from reality.. along with his frontal lobe getting worse (no filter to stop what pop’s in his mind from going out of his mouth).

      • Could be… could be both. Even before he got covid, he’d repeat the same word multiple times to express a thought – I always figured it was so he could keep talking while his brain caught up with what he’d say next. In 10 to 15 year old interviews, he didn’t do this.
        But it’s all good. He’s definitely getting worse, and I want to see how crazy he gets before he’s hauled off to Bellevue.

  4. Gonna be great fun watching you guys go mental in 2024 when Trump’s in the White House and Biden’s in a nursing home.

    • It’s unlikely he’ll run – he’d lose control of his $100M Leadership PAC, and have to start all over again with a Campaign PAC that has much oversight. If he DOES run, he’ll be ignored by megadonors (which they’ve been doing) and DeSantis will sideline him. By 2024, Trump will be irrelevant outside of MAGAtistan.

    • Your boys /girls seem to be the ones with that problem, which is why you have to run to faux news as the committee holds hearings on all the other channels. Fucking snowflakes. Saw where one of your own got 7years in the pen. What a fucking blind tool you are…if you’re not a Russian bot.

    • Projection…ur expertise. I’ll watch fox news only if I want to be lied to by a bunch of morons. Nah. Nevermind snowflake.


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