Donald Trump is asking us to swallow an incredible paradox, but then considering that he was ever in the Oval Office to begin with is such a whopper of a proposition that once you have choked that one down, as did we all, almost anything else is plausible. The paradox is why oh why, if we were all so brilliant at stealing elections, would we have let a lunatic like Doug Mastriano slip through?

Trump asks us to accept that Mastriano won his primary fair and square, but because Mehmet Oz is neck and neck with his opponent, somehow there are evil shenanigans afoot.

This is the new subnormal of politics, right here. Trump will cherry pick which races were “stolen” put his seal of condemnation on them, and then we’re off to the races. This is the template for the midterms and it’s hard to even contemplate 2024 at this point.

I positively love the phrase “finding votes” because that is VERBATIM what Trump asked Brad Raffensperger to do in Georgia. “I need you to find 11,000 votes.” The number was a bit higher than that, but that was the exact thought. “Find” me the votes, meaning create them, fabricate them, lie about them.

That is indeed the irony. Trump thinks that McCormick will squeak through and a lot of people think that, so he’s not off base. But if Oz should squeak through, you won’t hear anything about not counting mail-ins — until the next primary. Then it begins anew.

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  1. Has he even the slightest clue how France runs its elections?

    They don’t have ‘electors’ voted for each Departement – they run a two tier ‘first past the post’ universal vote to eliminate all but the top two contestants – then the whole country has a vote as to which of them gets elected

    It’s on a MAJORITY vote – whch the idiot LOST both times. Under the system in just about every other country in the world, he would never have been elected to begin with

  2. Former guy is like a small child who, when asked to guess a number, shape, or whatever and if the child guesses correctly they win a prize. The child guesses incorrectly and declares the game was not fair even though the child knew the simple rules from the get-go and does indeed realize they guessed incorrectly. That is how stupid and petty diaper don is but more to the point it is an prime example of something, education, intelligence, a working brain, …missing. Most children learn things will not go their way without planning-it is called becoming an adult and ol’ diaper just hasn’t cleared that hurdle. At three quarters of a century old, it is unlikely he ever will.


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