The very Christian Donald Trump, who lives to serve the Lord and this nation, has decided to shut down Mar-a-Lago in observance of Palm Sunday and lower the flags to recognize what Christians consider the most holy week of the year.

Pffffttt. Yeah, my lame attempt at April Fools. Nah, he shut down the joint so as to wail, scream, throw dishes, drink ketchup, and huddle with his lawyers. The flag is at half-mast. Yes, the rumor is confirmed. Trump had the flag lowered to half-mast upon being indicted! A part of him died. Just not the right part. From the New York Post:

Events at Donald Trump’s Palm Beach resort were suspended for the weekend on Friday — as the former president was seen “huddling” with his legal team to hammer out a defense after a New York grand jury voted to indict him Thursday, The Post has learned.

Trump, 76, met with his advisers at Mar-a-Lago where, a source said, they are all “shaken” by the news. On Thursday, following news of the indictment, a somber-looking Trump was spotted arriving for dinner at the Florida resort with his wife Melania, 52, at his side.

Photos shared by club members Thursday appeared to show guests standing to applaud the Trumps as they entered, hours after the unprecedented confirmation that he was to be the first former US president to face criminal charges.

It’s kinda fun to joke about “Only Trump” would meeting with his lawyers to concoct a defense to crimes that haven’t been released (Such a selection. I hear that Mar-a-Lago has quite the buffet.) I do like hearing that they were “shaken” by the news. It goes against all the bravado and bullshit he puts out on Truth Social. I think there’s some truth to the fact that Trump had gotten away with so much for so long that the reality of actually being indicted couldn’t be absorbed until it actually happened.

One might say he best get used to it, given that we dearly hope that more indictments are coming. And those are the ones he really needs to worry about. He would face one to three years in the New York charges. He could face five or more if the right indictments are filed in federal court.

That will shake him a bit, too.


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  1. He shut it down because he flung shit and ketchup all over the place and now it smells like the toilet of a dive bar.
    With plenty of fake gold…..

  2. Not that Trump gives two shits but it’s highly likely his ordering the half-masting of the U.S. Flag has violated Title 4, Section 7 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations. Basically, unless the President or the Gov. of FL, good ole DeSantis signed a proclamation authorizing it Trump has broken yet another law because he’s having a sad. Unfortunately this is Trump we’re talking about and laws mean nothing to him.

    One of the reasons I sooooo want him convicted on the right federal charges that block him from ever holding any office or position of trust in the United States is so that when that sumbitch does all of humanity a favor and DIES is that whomever is President will be justified in NOT ordering flags to be flown at half-mast for Trump. The motherfucker doesn’t deserve ONE SINGLE HONOR.

    • Amen!!! I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you! He is the worst of the worst. As ugly on the inside as he is on the outside.🤢

    • And he sure as hell does not deserve anything requiring a state funeral. No procession with a rider less horse. No caisson bearing his coffin. No gun salute. No fly-over. No Arlington.

      Toss his ashes over the first tee at his NJ golf course.

    • I looked it up and, while it violates the code for treatment of a flag, it is not a crime (At least, I couldn’t find it as a crime). So, again, he violates the codified treatment of the flag but I cannot find an infraction or misdemeanor for it. Do you have citation?

      • As I understand it, the courts have ruled that burning the American flag is constitutionally protected freedom of speech under the First Amendment. If burning the flag is protected speech, how could flying the flag at half-staff not be?

        Nobody asked me, but I think that a person who owns an American (or state or city) flag can do with it just about whatever he wants to, as long as he is not risking harm to anybody else, without being in violation of criminal law.

        • I’m not sure whether the law on half-masting the flag has ever been tested in court. There have been countless examples of people like Mayors and other officials as well as private entities/people who have done so without authority from the President or their Governor. It’s in bad taste and IMHO wrong to do so as it’s an honor to bestowed only on special people who have earned this nation’s gratitude. But it IS part of federal law as I noted in a comment. Right there in the Code of Federal Regulations. Title 4, Section 7 if memory serves and it includes a clause on half-masting the flag. Like any other private citizen Trump has no authority, NONE to decide to half-mast the flag at his tacky resort in “mourning” over his finally facing actual significant consequences for some of his misdeeds.

          • Lordy, you Dem leaning Trump haters are so easily led. Trump does this allllll the time, he throws out the bait, chums the water as it were, and you pundits take the bait every time. The news is??? For the first time in history a former Pres is going to do hard time in stir??? No, no not at all, its half flagging! Is this a testament to Trump the master manipulator? Or Dems the unsuspecting lemmings? This is all a slight of hand, a ruse to hide the lengths Trump will go to so that his Mug Shot will never be compared to Steve Bannon’s. Like Hitler, Trump is holed up in his bunker. Like Hitler his army supposed to materialize and relive him at the bunker have deserted him. He’s tweeting orders to allies who are only there in… know,RINO’s. Unlike Hitler however don’t expect this dictator to off himself any time soon. Hitler could look forward to being hung at very best of flogging to death if the Russians got him? Not good prospects at best. Trump on the other hand can look forward to easy time of a couple of years probably at some place up river. Ironically Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s better half’s father did some time there a few years only. Jared’s been peeved about it ever since, so now Dad in law is on his way maybe he’ll get the same cell? And when they discover how that billion dollar deal with Saudi Arabia works you’ll probably keep it in the family ang make it 3 for 3?

          • Firstly it appears that Harold person’s reply came from someone who must have been drunk being as it was all over the place. What he doesn’t realize ( Lordy, you Dem leaning Trump haters are so easily led.)is most who “dislike Trump greatly” are all over the world, not just in the US, and no one is led. (well except those who still admire D.J. Dump)
            Anyhow Denis I believe you were referring to 4 U.S. code section 7. The U.S. Flag Code dictates that the president of the United States must issue an order for the flag to be flown at half-staff at the death of U.S. government principal figures, and the governors of states, territories, and U.S. possessions. The President and state governors also have the authority to order the flag flown at half-staff at the death of other officials and significant citizens or foreign dignitaries, as long as those orders do not violate relevant laws.
            It should be noted that there is nothing in the U.S. Flag Code that prohibits non-governmental buildings, organizations, or American citizens from flying their flags at half-staff to honor a local leader, hero, or any other person. The Code is for guidance purposes only and is only required for government and public buildings. Or in this case Trump being stupid is as stupid was.

  3. He didn’t shut it down. Everyone decided to go to the Schadenfreude Bar instead. I heard Melania is the bartender and is offering cheap cleavage shots.

  4. Shaken? Really?? After hearing about this non-stop for how long? I sincerely doubt anyone is shaken at this point. Even tRump, who meets every single thing with obstinance, defiance, combativeness. He looks forward to battle, to the adrenaline high, so no. I don’t think anyone is shaken, unfortunately.

  5. Honestly, the half-mast flag crap is just that–crap. The flag spends so much time at the halfway point nowadays it is completely meaningless. More to the point: it is a piece of cloth, big effing deal.

    If the shit-gibbon’s latest legal team is “shaken” over this indictments then the shit-gibbon doesn’t even have z-listers. Who in the fuck did not expect an indictment? Are they so fucking stupid they are unaware of his crimes? If they are this out of it, I suppose the proceedings won’t take long which is always a good thing.

    Sure would hate to be janitorial this weekend at that ugly p.o.s. place in FL. lol

    • Agree, who cares about the flag, I more care that the indictments possibly being held by GA are released and that Jack Smith has his game on to indict too for the insurrection and hoarding ts documents. Let’s face it, GA has the goods, how could they not? Everyone has heard the audio of him asking for votes to award him the win in that state.

    • Damn. I was afraid someone would bring that up. Yes, it’s a sign of distress. I just hope conservatives that hang around our site (sometimes they comment) don’t notice your comment and start suggesting in around MAGA world!


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