I guess Donald Trump wants to go sit in jail and await trial. He certainly gives every indication of that. Or, he really wants a gag order, not just in the election interference case but also in the Trump Organization case. Or, maybe in all the cases. I’m sure his lawyers are fuming tonight, if they’ve looked at his Twit-X account. He posted the photo you see and here’s the tirade that accompanies it.

This is a repost from three days ago, with the addition of the picture. That is key. The original post on Truth Social didn’t have a picture accompanying it. This one does. I think it’s fair to speculate that Trump is IDing Judge Engoron as a MAGA target. He has been specifically instructed not to incite violence but here we are again.

And the Honorable Arthur Engoron will join the likes of Anthony Fauci, Mark Milley and countless other targets of Trump’s lunacy and he will have to get security to protect himself. This is fascist. Trump has already established a fiefdom of MAGA and he’s now using the Twitter/X platform to amplify his voice and target his enemies.

The comments in the thread are hateful and aggressive as you might expect.

I don’t know if these people are keyboard warriors or if they pose a credible threat. But unfortunately, we live in the era of not only Trump but Elon Musk and Musk fired his election integrity team a few days ago. As to community moderation, I honestly don’t know if there are any guardrails left on this platform. And of course Trump feels that there are none, and he’s feeling invincible tonight, we can infer from him doing this.

Now this is interesting.

If Habba’s office is that incompetent, that is shocking. I worked up plenty of cases for trial in my day and I assure you, all of these dates and deadlines are calendared and tickled (a term meaning reminders are posted) two and even three times. In any litigation department worthy of that descriptor nobody blows a basic deadline like this. No.Body. Habba is supposedly getting paid seven figures and if she doesn’t have somebody working for her that is capable of running a trial calendar, then she is a PR person, a talking head, and not an attorney. This is unheard of in the real world.

And there were more lunatic posts.

The MAGAs are missing the point. All that the judge did was quote the County Assessor. The County Assessor estimated Mar-a-Lago was worth between $18 million and $27 million. The judge in no way, shape or form did any kind of a valuation himself. Why would he? But Trump twists the facts and lies to make himself look like the victim and his lunatic sycophantic cult followers lap it up like a cat does cream.

Shades of January 6. This is exactly what was going on on Twitter that day. Lindell was talking crazy, Trump was inciting people, the entire gang was there. Jack Dorsey, the then-owner of then-Twitter took care of business and deplatformed the insurrectionists. Now they’re all back. And they’re targeting Trump’s enemies, in this case one of the judges.

Trump needs to be put behind bars to chill if he can’t stop doing this.


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  1. MAGAt-Lardo is nothing more than another 100 year old flea bag motel along Route 1…..there are literally 1000s of them between Fort Kent Maine and Key West Florida.

    Just because you put a billion dollar price sticker on a broken down Studebaker doesn’t mean it’s worth that much.

    What an idiot.

    • Mar-a-Lago was built in the era of the Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald was hot at the time that Marjorie Post, the cereal heiress, constructed her little baroque palace. And it’s quite a place in its own way. But the most expensive residence in the country? Sheer nonsense. There’s a place in Bel Aire, California (where Steve Mnuchin lives) that is $300 million and it’s unbelievable. It’s got a garage that can host 150 cars and an IMAX theater and ballrooms to dance in and God alone knows what. The closets are palatial. There are literally closets and bathrooms bigger than my entire apartment, that kind of thing. And of course there’s state of the art technical everything. Trump is comparing apples and oranges. As usual.

      • Marjorie Post was a diplomat and a philanthropist, supporting such causes as The Red Cross and The Salvation Army.

        I feel confident in saying that today she would be horrified at the creature that’s defiling her MAL.

    • Based on a 1993 agreement Trump signed, Mar-a-Lago is a Social Club, and may not be used as a private residence. The covenant is in perpetuity. As such, the value of the real estate is greatly diminished versus what it would be were is a private residence. Trump agreed to this covenant in order to reduce his taxes on the property and benefit from corporate tax breaks related to the maintenance and capital upkeep of the property. His short sighted need to avoid taxes has permanently handicapped Mar-a-Lago’s potential value.

  2. Amazing how so many of these Trump supporters seem to be so knowledgeable about the law but they’re still stupid enough to fall for Trump’s lies.

  3. Everybody should read Engoron’s fraud summary judgment. It answers all your questions and more. It’s a great read to start any intelligent person’s morning 🙂

    Ursula is right: the county put out the $18M value.

    Engoron explains the whole jury thing.

    …and much, much more. Have fun!

  4. He is just doing what he appears to be good at, and that is fomenting insurrection and anger with his group of Magats, just idiots on parade. They really think that this lying piece of excrement is some sort of God. Someone needs to put him in jail before he gets more people hurt and impose a gag order on him.

  5. Trump wants to be gagged and/or jailed. This is part of his ‘prep’ in case he loses this election. Once he’s under a gag order, or worse, he can blame his loss on the judges for stifling his speech or travel. A judge in Colorado that has the 14 Th amendment case issued a total gag order on Trump, his lawyers, and his family to keep them from saying anything about that case. Notice, he or anyone else in his camp is commenting about it. Attorney Habba’s biggest case before he chose her was representing a parking garage. He may have told her she will be getting 7 figures, but I assure you, she isn’t getting it. The best lawyer he had demanded a few million up front. She’ll be lucky if she gets an omelette at Mara Lardo’s omelette bar.


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