This is something that must be seen to be believed. Talk about hubris. But then I guess that Trump figures at this point that his P.T. Barnumesque ways got him where he got, so pull out all the stops, right?

You’ll find yourself wondering if you’re in your right mind when you see Robert DeNiro cheering Trump on, since it’s no secret how much DeNiro despises him.

And then when Richard Dreyfuss, playing Roy Neary in Close Encounters is awestruck by Trump, it begins to all make sense. I wish I could embed it here. The best I can do is link to my Twitter account where a link will open this mad portal up so you can see it for real.

He believes this will do him some good. I’m not sure he won’t be facing lawsuits, but then I don’t know how short a clip has to be to be fair usage and not copyright infringement.

“The guy’s a phenomenon.” He’s a phenomenon, all right. A phenomenon that keeps on losing. But maybe this is his answer to turning it around.

And no, it’s not on Twitter, where it could have gone into the feeds of 87.6 million followers. You know that that’s got to hurt, to not go over there and amplify his voice.

The only prediction I feel absolutely certain in making is that this is all going to get a whole lot stranger. That, you can take to the bank. How? God only knows.


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  1. ok, I REALLY tried watching the whole thing Ursula but at about 20 seconds I just HAD to shut it off or I might have thrown up from the nausea. Uch – he makes me violently ill. Like Cherl Harrell, that scene of him pushing the other world leaders out of the way to put himself in front…well, I just don’t have the words for it. Egotism. Narcissism. Whatever you want. The fact Americans voted for this guy????


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