When Donald Trump was at his arraignment, he stumbled while giving basic information such as his name and age. He started to say “Donald J. Trump” “John” and then he said, for his age, “seven seven.” That was a truthful statement. The man is seven — years old, emotionally.

The judge was crystal clear in her instruction to not insult people, talk to witnesses, tamper in any way. That edict was levied at approximately 4:30 p.m. ET and Trump made it just a little over 24 hours before he broke the rules by calling Jack Smith “deranged” and “a lost soul.” Trump is speaking at a Republican dinner in Montgomery, Alabama tonight.

And that’s only part of the lunacy.

More idiocy.

Now Trumpty is giving a legal opinion. That’s always amusing.

Here he goes, talking insurrection talk.

Revenge and retribution time.

I read that Trump was talking about nukes but I can’t find the clip, so here’s the text I copied from Raw Story.

“We have a very dangerous situation because other countries with nuclear weapons and the weaponry is so powerful and we have a man that can’t two sentences together and he’s in charge of whether or not we have a nuclear war and I don’t like that and you don’t like that either,” Trump said before pivoting to his claims that his legal troubles are the result of political persecution.

Talk about a man who can’t string two sentences together.

Well, let’s see what the judge in D.C. does when she gets wind that the defendant, whom she incensed by calling “Mr. Trump” disobeyed her instructions the very next day. Not a good idea to mess with the court this way, Donald.

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  1. It seems there’s a deleterious mix of brain pathologies at play: aged and ageing brain; acquired secondary to the use of chemicals; psychopathic tendencies based on internal needs and drivers and past experiences – all conjecture, but plausible. In sum, he’s so used to getting away with this type of behaviour he has no filters to either extinguish or moderate, and has no insight into the consequences confronting him.

    • New Yorkers knew he was a psychopath decades ago. He has been this way since 8th grade when Dad had to sent him to a military school to avoid expulsion for bullying and fighting from his fancy prep school. He has gotten away with it so long he cannot rein himself in. Age has just increased his,arrogance because there have never been any consequences for his threats and bullying and tantrums in the past,,so why should be any now? His grasp on reality is colored by getting a way with this for 60years I think he believes it
      His lawyers need to move him.to an undisclosed location and take away his phone.

  2. Then there is this little gem, posted on his halfazzed website……

    “If you go after me, I’m coming after you.”


    The judge needs to contact the US Marshals and have Trump-O’s fat azz picked up tonight and jailed, so he’s there first thing Monday morning so he can be found in contempt of a lawful court order and held until trial.

    ……would drastically end any stalling tactics as well 🙂

    He can’t be allowed to get away with this……just as a child must be punished for unacceptable behavior lest the behavior continue.

  3. If he’s indicted yet again in Georgia anything could happen. Seems to be what Fani Willis is thinking. My fervent hope is that he crosses the line and ends up in custody. Put an end to the nightmare.

  4. Courtesy again from ‘The Beautiful Poetry’
    We’ve got to stop the Stupid (Jamesville Wisconsin March 2016)

    You know what uranium is, right? (WH Press Conference, Feb 2017)
    It’s a thing called nuclear weapons and other things like lots of things that are done with uranium including some bad things (‘Victory speech’ March 2016)
    I have to explain to these people, they don’t understand basic physics, basic mathematics, whatever you want to call it (WH Press conference Feb 2017)
    I mean, they’re like stupid (Walterboro, S Carolina Feb 2016)


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