We live in very strange times indeed. This is the first time that I can recall, either from personal experience or from history, that a declared candidate for president of the United States has issued an announcement outlining a dramatic shift in the educational system…and nobody cares.

And Trumpty wants you to know about this plan, oh yes he does. He even went to Politico before he released his tape on Truth Social and they have a post up about it. A rather tepid, lukewarm post, I might add.

Politico reports that Trump’s plan is mainly “loaded with culture war proposals.” I’m sure to Trump this is brilliant social engineering, at its very zenith. You decide.

The low lights that intrigued me were Trump’s ideas about abolishing teacher tenure for grades K-12 “so we can remove bad teachers.” Where he’s getting this from, I have no idea. It is no secret in education that it takes a special sort of a person to motivate kids in their formative years and putting their tenure at risk, on top of all the other problems K-12 teachers now face (guns in the classroom included) is not a good move.

Then he goes on to pure culture wars, wanting to eliminate “diversity, equity or inclusion bureaucracy.” What is that veiled language for? You will follow our standards of what’s right and good or else be banished? Or is “bureaucracy” the important word, and he means that due process will be eliminated? Or appeals? Both, maybe?

If you listened to the whole thing, you heard the same nonsense I did, about parents electing principals and having the power to remove them if they don’t toe some invisible line. This level of chaos may currently be working in the GOP-led House of Representatives, but for a working, functioning entity, to have the boss constantly worried about job loss is not a way to run any business, let alone a stable institution like education.

This is Trump attempting to keep his signature outrage and grievance agenda going while attempting to infuse it with some kind of policy to the end of creating a platform, perhaps. Only he knows where this is going.

What we know is that his campaign released this today and nobody seems to care. How Trump is going to process this knowledge and what his next move is, is anybody’s guess.


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  1. AFAIK, tenure is mostly a college thing. And not all college teachers have it – it depends on their exact situation. (My brother taught classes, but didn’t have tenure because his primary job wasn’t teaching.)

    Who decides whether a teacher is good or not? Politicians who don’t interact with anyone who isn’t wealthy or powerful? Parents who want their kids to be protected from reality?

  2. Sounds like he cribbed parts of DeSatan’s education plan, which isn’t very popular w/ thinking adults. He is already stealing other’s ideas. Of course, he stole lots of Bernie’s ideas in 2016, in the general not the primary. I just don’t think that’ll work again.



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