I sure hope you tell me that you see this, too. This is very strange. We know that Donald Trump had a yuuge Twitter following, over 88 million. He has posted only once to that account since he was banned by Jack Dorsey and then reinstated by Elon Musk and that was to post his mugshot the day he was arrested in Fulton County, Georgia. But now there is this account, which you’re about to see, and it’s strictly for the purpose of Trump reposting his Truth Social posts. It’s got 28,000 followers. Why open up a new account when you’ve got one with 88 million sitting there? I seriously have no idea what this is. I just stumbled on this by accident. It was opened August, 2023.

Here’s what it looks like.

Time out for a moment. If nobody I’m following is following this account, that means the New York Times isn’t following it, the Daily Beast, Washington Post, I mean we could name a lot of people Trump’s allies are there in the comments, people such as Laura Loomer and Emerald Robinson. The word must be out in Trump world to abandon ship and go back to Twit-X but not the old account. There is nothing new in Trump’s old account — except that now there are only 87.2 million followers, not 88 million.

Politico ran a story a few days ago, “Trump Can’t Go Home Again.” It pointed out, “Twitter’s not the site it used to be. And he’s not the same man.” True enough.

After surrendering on Thursday at an Atlanta jail to be booked on state felony charges alleging his involvement in a criminal conspiracy to void the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump sat for a mug shot in which he scowls like a psychopath out of a Stanley Kubrick film. Trump’s next grand act of surrender was to post the picture on his Twitter account — now called X by owner Elon Musk, pedants and copy desks but by nobody who uses it — marking his first appearance there since being reinstated in November, after being booted by the service 958 days ago following the Jan. 6 riots.

Trump’s post, which garnered a healthy 1.3 million likes and 305,000 retweets, essentially concedes that his plan to build his own social media empire under the Truth Social banner is a bust. Aside from Trump’s regular posts there, Truth Social is a wasteland of brimstone and salt whose finances and corporate structure make a Rube Goldberg machine look like a Swiss watch. Except for when journalists repeat his Truth Social outbursts or report on them, that Trump account goes unnoticed. By returning to the social media outlet that helped make him “great,” Trump’s post may presage an attempt to restart the media fire of his 2016 campaign and his presidency.

1.3 million looks and 305,000 retweets is big action on the X platform. Having 28,000 followers is good for a normal person, oh yes, but it’s not a big account. What is going on?

But no man ever steps in the same river twice — it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man, as the sage said. Twitter is not the same and neither is Trump, and the media watershed that allowed Trump to politically prosper doesn’t drain the way it once did. Thanks to inertia, changing technology, fickle tastes and Musk’s determination to wreck it, the site has lost its cachet. What does that mean for Trump? […]

The environment that so nurtured Trump’s nuttism has degraded since he filled our silos with his opinions and policy statements. Many journalists still use Twitter, but the site has lost its cultural and political primacy. During his vacation from Twitter, TikTok became the world’s most popular domain, and his comments on Truth Social or at rallies no longer carried instant weight now that he was an ex-president. Even since announcing his candidacy and leading the polls, Trump has often failed to make himself Topic A in the political conversation (except for during his spurt of indictments). Even Fox News, which pampered him like a pet pig during his presidency, now gives him the cold shoulder.

Instead of being president or his party’s leading presidential candidate, Trump is mostly a multiply charged criminal defendant battling state and federal prosecutors. After dipping his toe into the new Twitter stream, it’s likely that Trump will aggressively recycle his 2015 to 2021 act on the service. But who will listen?

And who will listen to this little account with 28,000 people? I seriously have no idea what he’s doing here. The most obvious explanation is that he’s trying to replicate Truth Social on Elon Musk’s platform, in one account.


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  1. IF as seems quite possible Truth Social goes into the internet wood chipper Friday then it will make for an interested weekend. Not to mention following week. I for one think it would be funny as hell if at most Trump gets less than 100k followers on this new account. Not at all what either he or Musk would be hoping for.

    • A note to the least talented, stupid beyond anyone’s belief … worst president this country ever scraped out of the grease bucket to vote for …

      Hey Don, a little note to your future …

      May the scream of the banshee’s stop at your front door … Of course, they will turn and leave, because someone told them they were to meet a GREAT IMPORTANT person, NOT YOU !!

      You are like a pimple on Putin’s butt, so close to the man you adore, and yet, all he wants to do, is squeeze the very stuff you are made of out of that pimple forever …

      When you start your fly-away to hide from incarceration, be sure to stop and see your old friend in Russia, he has a dimly-lit hole in the ice in Siberia, just your size, He will be sure to provide special entertainment, some of the world’s largest roaches, even bigger than the one’s in your club houses !!

      Don’t fret, Don, when they send you to a special cell in the prison, you will be out of earshot from all the laughing, sniggering inmates, that point at you and burst out laughing !!

      Also, they will feed you a great meal, non of that Burger stuff you force down your throat all day … oh, another thing, they will gladly shave your head so you won’t have to use hairspray and comb-over your head each day as well !!

      Mr. Trump, ain’t it a nice day when you know where you will be tomorrow, the next day, a week from today? A year from now, 5 years from now, 20 years from now, if the grim reaper does not visit first …

      You will have plenty of time to read the headlines, “Trump’s Empire totally collapses”, under the general management of Donald Trump Junior, rarely sober, and his Brother Eric, who has been difficult to find and rarely makes sense in public anyway, the main offices and associated properties were locked down by Federal Marshalls, posting a note that said, “Due to the lack of communication skills, the Management and Post-a-Note, bookkeeper, the DOJ is investigating ALL records closely, already finding 2 billion dollars handed to Trump’s Son-in-law by the Saudi family … what for? Some of Dad’s, (OUR), secret papers laying around?

      … 🙂 🙂

  2. Former guy is championing home-schoolers because there will be even more people who graduated “high school” who will be stupider than he is.

    We are an industrialized nation and a wealthy one at that. We should be at the top of the heap where educating our children is concerned. We’re not nor are we even close to the top. This is a disgrace of monstrous proportions.

  3. So the Donald has joined X, the app formerly known as Twitter, probebly because a big strong muskrat came to him with tears in his eyes, saying “Sir, we really need you back”

    The app is now better renamed ‘Xitter’ (with the initial ‘X’ pronounced ‘sh’)

  4. Evidently Traitor Tot knows his Untruthful Anti-social platform is dead, or soon to be dead. So now he will be doing his best to kill what is left of TWITter. After all, everything Traitor Tot touches dies…

  5. You really must find a different advertiser. I know you went into detail on your troubles and I get it. But please, the right wing dribble this company is putting on your sight is disgusting. If Biden has done something wrong, impeach him. The problem is he hasn’t done anything wrong so these clowns have to go out and stir up trouble anyway they can to cause rifts in the party and cause finger pointing like they have in whatever is left of the muck train on the right.

    • This site like others doesn’t control what ads someone sees. Your gripe is a common one and though I don’t go there much anymore even on the biggest progressive site out there (Daily Kos) people complain about seeing ads from certain companies/groups that are the opposite of what readers would wish to see. Big Brother arrived and became part of people’s internet using DNA long ago. You also have to keep in mind the values (or usually lack thereof) of corporate America who is able to use their obscene amount of money to advance their own interests. I’m talking about data mining and algorithms that are created to use that information to direct advertising. You might mostly click on articles/sites that are progressive in nature and same when it comes to products you might want to buy. BUT, in the course of learning about a product or company you have questions about, or wanting to see for yourself an article on some conservative site to see what they are saying or if you’re really dedicated monitor one so you can report to others the kind of crap they are spewing (so others don’t have to check them out every day) then guess what? Those algorithms I spoke of will latch onto that and can be (and usually are) written to prioritize THAT stuff instead of things you’d rather see if you have to put up with advertising.

      Any ad company that’s going to pay even a halfway decent ad rate uses the same process. To a degree you can shape what ads you see by clicking on some ads that you approve of. But even if not on this site if even by mistake or again, simply wanting to be diligent and check out something for yourself instead of relying on a “cliff notes” version from someone else the data miners WILL see, and pass along that info. to those who buy their wares – including ad agencies. And the ad agencies get to make the rules. It sucks to be sure but that’s the way it is. And on conservative forums people will complain about seeing say a Bud Lite ad just because they checked out a story about the whole trans person Bud Lite commercial thing!

      I f**king HATE the way advertising came to ASSAULT us all in every way they can dream up. But it’s the world we live in.


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