Michael Cohen said yesterday on MSNBC that Ivanka would probably come up with a new legal defense, called “the Daddy Defense” when her time in the barrel came. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has come up with a defense of his own, a spin on the usual witch hunt hypothesis, like everything is, and it boils down to Ivanka basically being too good for the January 6 Committee to touch. Interesting way to go, somebody is too good to testify to crimes they may have committed or other members of their family have committed. And they’re too good why, exactly? Because Daddy said so. Washington Examiner:

He suggested that the commission investigation is a smokescreen to cover for Biden’s missteps. “It’s a disgrace, what’s going on. They’re using these things to try and get people’s minds off how incompetently our country is being run. And they don’t care. They’ll go after children,” Donald Trump said.

The three are also being targeted in New York Attorney General Letitia James’s investigation of Trump’s properties. The former president said that the investigation is politically driven. “She campaigned on a whole issue of ‘I’ll get Trump. I’ll get Trump.’ And that’s all it was,” he said.

He said the investigations create a model for an investigation of Hunter Biden, the president’s controversial son who has been linked to questionable financial deals, if the GOP regains control of Washington. “It’s a very bad precedent because it can happen the other way also,” he said.

During his administration, Trump relied on his children more than any recent president. Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner had offices near the Oval Office, and both were given key jobs by Trump.

“They’ve done a great job,” he said. “You know Ivanka very well, and you know the quality of her,” he added. “For them to have to go through all this stuff is a disgrace.”

No, Donald, they’re not going after “children.” Barron is a child and he’s out of it. Ivanka turned 40 in October and she worked at the White House with her doofus husband as a senior advisor. If anybody put her in the line of fire, it was you. And don’t forget the $82 million dollars Ivanka and Jared made, plus the Chinese patents on everything from baby blankets to body bags.

Ivanka may be Trump’s child but she is not “a” child. She’s middle aged now. And she’s the one who created 14 million jobs, right? So a wunderkind like her should be heard from, right? Apparently the J6 Committee thinks so. And Letitia James as well. Los Angeles Times:

Of course they need to hear from Ivanka; she was in the room where it happened.

As advisor to the president and head of the White House Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship, Ivanka was the Zelig of the Trump administration. She was everywhere, popping into view for photo ops with world leaders, ducking out of sight when the heat was on and ludicrously taking credit, by her father’s insane estimation, for creating 14 million jobs.

None of Trump’s staff, apparently, had enough juice to get him to act on Jan. 6: “He didn’t say yes to [Chief of Staff] Mark Meadows or [spokeswoman] Kayleigh McEnany or [presidential advisor] Keith Kellogg, but he might say yes to his daughter?” a committee member asked Kellogg when he testified.

“Exactly right,” replied Kellogg, who was also the vice president’s national security advisor.

Ivanka was right there when Trump put the screws on Pence to get him to toss out, or at least delay counting, the electoral votes of some states that Biden won.

So far, Ivanka, who has lain low after her twice-impeached father left office, has not publicly responded to the committee’s invitation. I suppose that’s understandable. She had her hands full last week.

On Tuesday, two days before Thompson’s invitation landed, New York Atty. Gen. Letitia James, who has been investigating the Trump Organization’s alleged financial chicanery, filed a detailed legal memo in state court, explaining why Ivanka, her brother Donald Trump Jr. and her father cannot refuse to respond to her subpoenas requiring them to testify about the family business.

They have preposterously claimed that her lawfully issued subpoenas, served Dec. 1, constitute an “unprecedented and unconstitutional maneuver.”

But, as James wrote in the filing, subpoenas to top and former company officials are “routine in complex financial investigations and are amply warranted here.”

It’s also routine to talk to White House employees about things that took place in the White House on their watch.

Ivanka wanted to be at the center of all of it and now she is. Careful what you wish for.

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  1. Boo fucking hoo. I keep flashing back on a dead 2year old floating face down with her little arm around daddy’s neck, also floating dead in the Rio Grande cuz Trump violated amnesty law & they were desperate for a better life. Fuck him. Fuck those evil bastard children of his. AND FUCK ALL U EVIL ASSHOLES WHO STAND WITH HIM. Don’t open ur cake hole justifying his ass in front of me. Go find Jesus cuz instead of turning my cheek, I’m going to slap the shit out of urs. I’ll ask forgiveness later…not.

  2. Funny how Trump chooses to bring up Hunter Biden as a “deterrent” from investigating “children” when Hunter Biden was the target of plenty of GOP insinuation and Donald himself pressed the Chinese to actually investigate Hunter’s dealings while Joe was VP (not to mention claiming that Hunter had been in Ukraine for nefarious reasons).

    I guess when you spew so much fecal matter from your mouth, it does get hard to keep track of what all you’ve said.


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